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Jamie Allman's Electric Stove: Why is Reagan being misrepresented?

Levin on Reagan…who is being used by current Republicrats against the tea party and other a boxing glove to defeat non-establishment repubs like Rand Paul and had Ford...Dole,,,,,in 1976....but Reagan lost...then Ford Lost...then Carter…

The Reagan speech....1976... Damn...Reagan and Nancy even cried saying goodbye to campaign staff.

The you have those who claim Reagan was this mild mannered bi-partisan statesman…statesman yes....mild mannered no...For even on his 83rd birthday he rode Clinton and Democrats like rented mules....talked about his flight in to DC for birthday gala…David Gergen....what a whore..

Reagan on Libertarianism… he’s held out by Democrats and Republicrats as a model of conformity to agreement...but not so...

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