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Our girl, Katie Bailey, is back this morning with another installment of "Minute with Millennials". This week, FREE COLLEGE. How does today's youth view government funded higher education? Find all of Katie's "Minute with Millenials" HERE !
It was a wild evening in Indiana. Donald Trump earned the victory and Ted Cruz threw in the towel. Trump did a nice job of giving Cruz credit for being, "a tough competitor."
Ted Cruz announced Tuesday evening that he will be dropping out of the 2016 GOP race. We find the timing a little odd especially with his "VP" candidate Carly hanging in the wings. See full speech below:
Just when you think American politics has gotten bad…think of all the primitive people around the world. Take Turkey's parliment for example. For the second time this week, fights break out:
Odd moment with Cruz and his new adoring wife Carly....going off rightly so on Boehner… at one point Carly taps Cruz on the back about Syrian