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Katie Couric presses Fiorina on climate change and Fiorina puts things into perspective: Carly Fiorina fires off at Katie Couric about climate change and wow, all I can say is wow! Posted by Conservative 50 on Monday, August 17, 2015
Bush then loses big in needlessly caring about media (1:47 how would you...)
The Gateway Pundit joins the program to discuss all of the craziness from around the weekend. Between the thwarted Paris train attack, Trumps takedown of O'Malley (who?) and his addressing of Jeb's black photoshopped hand ... there's no shortage of things to discuss. Here Jamie'...
Sam and his wife Nia seem to be very sensible about this. Lesson here: no one is perfect. Humbly admit mistakes and show humility and people will forgive and forget. Here's a fun video of Sam announcing to Nia they're pregnant:
Paris train shooting and the "friends" who saved the day... (American soldiers --navy-coast guard). Media has treated this as if a bunch of buddies were on their way to a youth hostile. Heaven forbid we give credit where credit is due:
Chanell Temple, Huntington Park California protesting the council’s recent decision to appoint two illegal aliens to city commissions:
Rankin County Mississippi... Brandon fans respond with rendition of their own: