AITM Videos

Here's what one former Kapernick fan thinks about his refusal to stand during the nationl anthem:
Trump (not so subtly) calls out the camera operators at this rally. Interesting point here. When looking to footage of a Trump speech, rally, etc. we see shots of protesters but not of cheery peaceful crowds.
This is one of the first times that the mainstream media has shown any support towards Trump. This video is intimate and shows how effective Trump's donations to the people in Louisiana truly were. Watch video below:
It doesn't seem like these protesters were peaceful when causing chaos to Trump donors in Minnesota. Watch video below:
Associate Producer Katie Bailey was on The Allman Report last night to discuss her mini series, Minute with Millennials. Watch the interview below:
Trump's speech in North Carolina Thursday was powerful and moving to say the least. This was the first speech since his change in campaign leadership. Hear the speech below:
Is he screeching Hillary or condescending Obama... he's both! Check out this video of Jamie doing a double impersonation from the studio this lovely Thursday morning!