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Put your money where your mouth is Pocahontas. Your 'Native American heritage' has already benefitted your education and career, let's just confirm it.
Zuckerberg famously criticized Donald Trump's plan to build a wall on the US-Mexican border. Guess what? Zuck's driving his neighbors crazy with the addition of a "half-mile-long stone wall around his new Hawaii estate." Walls are fine... unless you're a hypocrit. Read story,...
Jamie wants to cut these guys some slack and he's absolutely right, awkward handshakes happen all of the time in the real world. However, we can still enjoy this little gem:
The mess in San Fran brought back memories: Just for fun check out these list of #ElizabethWarrenIndianNames from 2012: CLICK HERE
And this woman is still pretending to be a journalist. She must have caught Chris Matthew's 'thrill up my leg'.
That's not to say Trump doesn't know--just that we may have to wait a few weeks. Newt joins Chris Wallace to explain:
Political stunt? Speaker Ryan thinks so: Read more, HERE .