Must-See Video

Jamie was asked to join Ed Berliner on Berliner on "MidPoint" for a local perspective on Ferguson and the grand jury proceedings:
Oh Al, you're always good for a laugh:
MSNBC's Chris Hayes fails to take voter turn out into consideration:
Insufferable Gov. Nixon refuses to answer questions about his "vigorous prosecution" (of Officer Wilson) comment. Thankfully, Adam Sharp doesn't let it go: .
Yes, it's still all about OBAMA. Earnest if Dems Lose the Senate Obama will Get his Share of the Blame: Obama on Dem Senate Candidates; "Allies and Supporters" of his:
Obama weekly address… not an "outbreak" or an "epidemic"… besides more people die from the flu every year: The Hammer says we're going to have to quarantine: Dr. Carson would not serve as Surgeon General under President Obama: Cruz says time for Congress to figure out Ebola:...
Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, ISIS... now Ebola? Like many other major events in recent history our current administration is using the downplaying tactic when it come to Ebola. Although it is unlikely that "you" or "I" will contract Ebola, it's possible. It's also clear...
Afroman the one hit wonder with “because I got high” has a new one: Original Afroman song from 2001: