Must-See Video

Jimmy Kimmel with guest Megyn Kelly: “Do you think Fox News will take a stand and air The Interview in its entirety – on its channel? Yes!?”
The State Department's Jen Psaki Denies Sony E-mail Claim That State Dept Approved Kim Jong Un Assassination Scene.
Shepard Smith “Last Thing Cuba Needs is a Taco Bell or a Lowes”
Rubio | Ex of Terrible Policy -- Imposing Sanctions on Human Rights in Venezuela and Lifting them in Cuba "Just last week we imposed sanctions on human rights violators in Venezuela, but the people who are supporting the Venezuelans in conducting those violations -- literally...
News Channel 3 Kansas City MO | School punishes blind child by taking away cane, replacing it with a pool noodle. Why does the school own the cane?
SLJ just couldn't help himself. Yes, he does have influence on the general public -- yes, he is abusing it. He does point out (what J had mentioned) that the "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" gesture is comperable to the Ice Bucket Challenge. However, he's a race-baiting fool:
Jeez for blacks it's a miserable life in America. If they are not being killed by cops they are being raped by Bill Cosby...
EW. J grabbed this article to make the point that STL always ranks high on these horror lists because the sample size is so small. He also grabbed it because it reminded him of the Marx Brothers... CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE
This is a HUGE deal that isn't getting much attention. As Cruz points out this vote really clears things up on who's where when it comes to a blatant disregard for the Constitution: