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McDonald’s Employee outside of Chicago: ‘$15 an Hour is not the ceiling it's the floor’
President Obama Tells His Cabinet: ‘Our Work Is Paying Off’
People are still talking to Donald Trump, this time ABC's Rick Klein - a "lightning round" on Presidential Candidates.
Rand Paul: I Will Not Let the Patriot Act, the Most Unpatriotic of Acts, Go Unchallenged Then Se. Paul Urged Warrants For NSA Spying: "Appoint 24-Hour Judges And Put Them On Call All The Time, Let's Do This"
Mohammed’s $30 hot dog scam near 9/11 ground zero sets off fights (Ahmed Mohammed, a downtown Manhattan food cart vendor, is allegedly charging tourists outrageous prices for his hot dogs, NBC 4 New York reported.)
From listener Lorene on the "ignorant " Hillary fans. Reagan jokes… the crap joke at 4:05....the diaper joke at 9:06 And a scary Obama 2004
Let's just begin with Hillary Clinton: I want my email released ASAP via CNN in Cedar Falls, IW But the silence breaking is not without restrictions. Fox News' Ed Henry requests an interview... Queeny says she'll (laugh), "I'll have to ponder it..." The Hammer reacting to...