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Oil producers and drivers around the world are feeling the effects of the low gas prices. Naturally, each having a very different experience. Our own Maria Bartiromo interviewed Price Alwaleed bin Talal and he assured we will not be seeing such low prices for much longer. CLICK...
"What I’ve Learned From Dropping Fox News I switched cable providers, and the new one inexplicably lacks Fox News. Although Fox isn’t perfect, I’m suffering" b y Greg Scandlen CLICK HERE prphotos
CLICK HERE for the WaPo story: Archaeologists find possible site of Jesus’s trial in Jerusalem
Honestly, enough. The man that killed officers Ramos and Liu is being treated as a victim in the following NYT piece. CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE
Sex education in high schools always has been a point of question. Should schools be responsible for filling in blanks for parents? Should abstinencebe top priority? Is it realistic the think abstinenceis possible and if not should safe sex be preached? How far is too far for...
The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Obama wrote a secret letter to Khamenei. The purpose of the letter? A push for co-operation in combating ISIS and negotiation of a nukes deal. This seems like a dangerous move. What do you think? click here to read article
A tragic loss of life and talent. Friends, family and Cardinals fans continue to mourn the death of 22 year-old Oscar Taveras. The following article links to some very striking images from the funeral. RIP OT. CLICK HERE TO VIEW ARTICLE
A Minnesota woman has decided to use her first amendment right to infringe on one man's second amendment right as she puts up a sign (picture and all) revealing his decision to conceal and carry. CLICK HERE TO READ STORY BROUGHT TO YOU BY
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