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Ronan Farrow uses a war hero's wounds for a TWITTER JOKE... real classy. CLICK HERE Share your comments with Jamie below!
Jamie found this great story about a guy who is moving to Saint Louis from California. CLICK HERE
To see the "Split History" books Jamie bought for his son CLICK HERE .
WHAT: USO Exodus WHEN: Friday, December 20 WHERE: St. Louis Lambert Airport Join Jamie for a special broadcast of Allman in the Morning this Friday as we will be out live, once again, at the USO at Lambert Airport for Christmas Exodus. Thousands of troops will passing through...
New Salem Baptist Church in Winfield 1383 Highway EE Winfield MO 63389
Mormons buying land: Mormon church Florida strikes huge land deal with firm. CLICK HERE Share your comments with Jamie below!
"Jamie...funny, your calling Progressives and Democrats "Statists". That sounds like such a nice word. Abraham Lincoln had another term for it. In his last debate with Douglas, Lincoln defined slavery as: "It is the eternal struggle between these two principles-right and wrong-...
The plan from the beginning. Lie about what they want. Then blame the failure on the Republicans to achieve their actual goal. You have to read it to believe how little time it took. I figured they would at least wait 6 months. David CLICK HERE for article Share your comments...
The Post's Story of the McDowell family's austerity plan. Share your thoughts with Jamie below!