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Vanessa Hudgens is being accused of appropriating Native American culture. She's part Native American for cryin' out loud! Read story, HERE .
More than 40 Democrats are currently staging a “sit-in” in the House chamber. “Staging” is the appropriate term, because this is not political “action”; it’s political theater. Read more at: photo...
Tim Jones suggests the following article to add to your reading list. Is there proof that gun control makes people safer? Nope. Read article, HERE .
Gawker reports Menards "Bombards Employees With Right-Wing Propaganda." Let's go support them!
Katie Couric is accused of manipulating the editing of her 2014 documentary Fed Up. See video below: To read full article, click here . Photos By:
Hillary is "Looking Forward" to talking to the FBI about their on going investigation to her email server. See video below:
Jamie welcomes Diane Droege & Cathy Koelen to the show to discuss their March of Dimes event and Nurse of the year. Hear On Demand below: Find more information, HERE .
Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC, can't hold in his laughter about Hillary claiming to "stick to the issues."