Must-Read Articles

Sander Coovert stopped by the studio today to talk to Jamie. Check out the Absolute Granite website HERE !
Click HERE for article ISIS lashes out at Kerry, calling him an "uncircumcized old geezer" and President Obama, who they called a "mule of the Jews". Photo courtesy
An interesting and disturbing article. Were you aware the Department of Justice has employees specifically tasked with instructing protesters and organizing demonstrations? This seems like something the FEDERAL gov't should be involved in... CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE PRphotos...
CLICK HERE to view the 2014 Obama Jobs Report c ourtesy of .
Based on a "feeling thermometer" this Pew poll ranks the most favorable religions in the United States. CLICK HERE to see the list What do you think?
Spoiler alert... it's all of them. But the list is laugh worthy and the following article does a great job of breaking down why. CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE and see list of "most dangerous guns".
Five pictures were snapped of Governor Perry and President Obama by the official White House photographer durning a recent tarmac meeting. As we all know, photographs are often used as a tool to manipulate or direct a story. CLICK HERE to view pictures and guess which was used...