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Why would a social conservative vote for Donald Trump, who is the least socially conservative of all the Republican candidates? Rod Dreher from The American Conservative can think of a few reasons: CLICK HERE FOR MORE.
Check out THIS ARTICLE about Trump from the Washington Examiner... and why he has the establishment scared.
Jamie found this interesting article written by The Week's Michael Brendan Dougherty. Doughtery looks at the every man and how he/she continues to struggle regardless of representation. Where do you think Trump falls in this debate? Read the article here: "How conservative...
190 cities where Obama is dumping Syrian Migrants. Click here for the story. Or here for just the PDF of the list.
Today at 11:55am, Pearl Harbor Survivors Elmer Luckett and Walter Schoenke will be Honorary Commanding Officer and Executive Officer for such services. A three shot volley from three M-1 Garands used in WWII followed by Taps to honor the 2403 lost that day. Then inside a Missing...
These Donald Trump t's are available for FREE (plus shipping). Jamie ordered 8!