Must-Read Articles

Five pictures were snapped of Governor Perry and President Obama by the official White House photographer durning a recent tarmac meeting. As we all know, photographs are often used as a tool to manipulate or direct a story. CLICK HERE to view pictures and guess which was used...
Jamie flagged this little gem awhil back. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PHOTOS !
"too old for 'da club"... or too old for a handful of other things... CLICK HERE TO READ THE LIST
In case you're interested in this non-sense... WWJD? Depends who you ask... CLICK HERE TO VIEW POLL
CLICK HERE Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vows that Hamas is responsible for this tradgedy and Hamas will pay for it.
In New York, as Jamie told you about weeks ago, WalMart is getting pushback for it's charity aspects. Not cool, big labor. Click HERE.
NYT at it's finest. As if this situation hasn't been offensive and disrespectful enough to ours service men and women... now we're pointing fingers at Bergdahls' unit: CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY
Adam Wainwright featured prominently in this below article: CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY