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You've likely not heard about this shooting death by police... because the man was white. Wagoner Police Officer Robert Reynolds fires four rounds at Henson, killing him. Wagoner police say Reynolds got out of his car, telling Henson to come out with his hands up, but, they said...
The MSNBC panel are deer in headlights when they discover the results from the Harvard Study conducted by Roland Fryer. Melodramatic Mike Barnicle claims to have “a headache reading it.” Read full article here .
Be careful what you wish for and always beware of labels and lists. Remember when the Tea Party was unfairly targeted and investigated? Read more about the petition, HERE .
The media's having a field day with this one. Being lauded as "iconic," this image is a direct attempt to make the police seem unfair and intimidating. Let's remember this woman is being arrested for blocking a highway. That's still illegal, right? Police dressed in riot gear?...
Donald Trump acknowledges Dallas shootings during his speech on veterans issues in Virginia Beach, Virginia. "I am the law and order candidiate, " Trump said. To read full article, click here .
NFL Cleveland Brown running back Isaiah Crowell posted a disturbing image of a man in black slitting a police officer's throat. To read full article click here .
A mother shot during the police attacks in Dallas said the officers saved her life and her sons lives. Read full article here .
"We don't have a conversation in this country with race and whiteness," says Dyson on Trump defending whiteness in America. Read full article here .
Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin says Trump is campaigning as a racial healer and that has been his message all along. Fallin speaks on CNN after Trump released a video speaking of improving race relations after incidents in Baton Rouge and St. Paul. Read full article here .