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Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin says Trump is campaigning as a racial healer and that has been his message all along. Fallin speaks on CNN after Trump released a video speaking of improving race relations after incidents in Baton Rouge and St. Paul. Read full article here .
Never a shortage... Matt Damon in Australia promoting the newest Bourne film. For someone who doesn't like guns he sure makes a lot of money pretending to shoot people with them: AND... Guests Will Fly Halfway Around the World for DiCaprio Climate Change Speech
When Trump Fought the Racists by JEFFREY LORD
We had a the privilege of welcoming Julieann Najar, Sarah Wallace and Kathy Sanders in-studio this morning. Each of these amazing women have sacrificed for our country and have worked diligently to provide care and support for those serving. Find out more about their cause at A...
Vanessa Hudgens is being accused of appropriating Native American culture. She's part Native American for cryin' out loud! Read story, HERE .
More than 40 Democrats are currently staging a “sit-in” in the House chamber. “Staging” is the appropriate term, because this is not political “action”; it’s political theater. Read more at: photo...
Tim Jones suggests the following article to add to your reading list. Is there proof that gun control makes people safer? Nope. Read article, HERE .
Gawker reports Menards "Bombards Employees With Right-Wing Propaganda." Let's go support them!