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Credit: Getty Images You'd think Williams would learn after his lengthy-lie suspension but apparently not. Hear him laud President Obama's communication skills in the interview below:
Credit: Getty Images Hillary Clinton has taken money from many, at home and abroad, so it shouldn't be a surprise that some of those foreign entities were less than in line with American values. This woman couldn't be any more of a lying hypocrite if she tried. Read: Hillary’s...
Credit: Getty Images Annette Read has the keys to Trump's new office! Flyer with information about Trump's new office below:
Credit: Getty Images We can't get over this article. So disrespectful on so many levels. What the Perpetually Aggrieved Mean by ‘Winning’ by Kevin D. Williamson His mother must be so proud.
Jamie had the pleasure of giving away the Harley that has been cooped up in his garage all summer long! Click on the photo below to see the gallery!
Jamie was the special guest at the MO Rollin for Trump Bike Ride and Rally on Sept. 11th, 2016. Click on the photo below to check out the gallery!
Flags of Valor at St. Louis' Art Hill 2016
Credit: Getty Images Philippine President Duterte threatened to “eat” members of the Islamist militant group. "If I have to face them, you know I can eat humans," Duterte states. To read full article, CLICK HERE!
Indiana Governor Mike Pence will make a public appearance in Chesterfield, MO this Tuesday, September 6th. Tickets are free but you have to register! CLICK HERE to sign up. Jamie will be MCing the event and Katie Bailey will be crowd reporting. All content will be posted as we...