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It's no secret that Donald Trump wasn't the first choice of many conservative pundits, however, Hugh Hewitt finally says it, "It's the Supreme Court, stupid." Here's why a Hillary Clinton administration could be detrimental to society.
This is the scariest aspect of the Hillary Clinton campaign.
Here's a great article discussing the shift of power and priority at this year's Republican National Convention. Funny, neither McCain nor Romney mentioned crime during their convention speeches and they most certainly did not mention the LGBT community. Here's why this year was...
Lindsey Vonn has her own way of nursing J.J. Watt back to health.... To hear video, click here .
You've likely not heard about this shooting death by police... because the man was white. Wagoner Police Officer Robert Reynolds fires four rounds at Henson, killing him. Wagoner police say Reynolds got out of his car, telling Henson to come out with his hands up, but, they said...