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Picture complements of Brian Middendorf Our friend and listener, Brian, servered in the Marine Corp under General Mattis. How cool is this picture?! Thank you for your service Brian!!!
Credit:Pool/Getty Images After figuring out that the cost of a new 747 Air Force One would be more then $4 billion, Trump took to twitter and said cancel the order! “I think Boeing is doing “a little bit of a number,” Trump said. Read Full article HERE
Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images Hey snowflakes, get excited! The San Francisco International Airport has decided the best way to combat travel induced stress is none other than therapy pigs. Learn more about therapy pigs here.
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Have you noticed any iciness from your left-leaning friends? The following article by Dennis Pranger suggests 10 reasons liberals are cutting "friends" out of their lives post-election. READ ARTICLE
Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images President-ELECT Trump has reached a "deal" with Carrier that will keep 1000+ jobs in the United States. We use the term deal lightly as it's actually just a show of power and positive direction. Well played on Trump's part. Hopefully, this is...
Credit: Justin Sullivan /Getty Images Apple and Twitter have jumped onto the singular propaganda vehicle to filter our news and tell a one-sided story. I'd say it's time to fight back. Read full article HERE .
Credit: Alex Wong /Getty Images Stars lineup the White House Tuesday to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Watch Obama give Medal of Freedom to Ellen Degeneres: To read full article, CLICK HERE .
Photo by Susan Walsh-Pool/Getty Images It's not racism when it's against a conservative. Justice Clarence Thomas isn't included in the Smithsonian National Museum of African-American Culture and History. He's the second African-American ever appointed to the Supreme Court and...