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Credit: John Moore / Staff The United States launched 59 cruise missiles into Syria after a mass chemical attack Tuesday. President Trump announces missile strikes on Syria: Read article here.
Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images St. Louis City: Sample Ballot Find Your Polling Place St. Louis County: Sample Ballot Find Your Polling Place Representative Keith English from Hazelwood :
Credit: Chris McGrath / Staff As mosques go up, churches go down in the United Kingdom's capitol city. Read full article HERE.
Credit: Ethan Miller / Staff Liberals are going crazy at the fact that Vice President Mike Pence chooses not eat alone with women other than his wife. Washington Post reporter Paul Waldman makes an insane comparison between Pence's rules to Muslim's who insist women war full...
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images Our friend, Henry Davis, gave us a heads up about Mayoral Candidate Andrew Jones's appearance tonight, Tuesday, March 28th at the Omega Center from 6-8PM. The event is open to the public and will be a good chance to meet the candidate and hear...
Anti-Trump protesters started riots and fights in Huntington Beach, CA and we just can't help but laugh at this photo of a scared and frantic protester running for his life when pro-Trumper has enough and chases after him.
Credit: Pool / Pool The true failures of the American Health Care Act are the rhino Republicans and the Democrats- not President Trump. The 'mainstream' media will twist and turn this in every way to blame President Trump on the Republican-bill fail, but we know the truth and...
Credit: Mark Wilson / Staff The tried and true Trump supporters know this is not President Trump's fault. We knew his strategy all along and that was to play the game. Read full article, HERE.