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A tragic loss of life and talent. Friends, family and Cardinals fans continue to mourn the death of 22 year-old Oscar Taveras. The following article links to some very striking images from the funeral. RIP OT. CLICK HERE TO VIEW ARTICLE
A Minnesota woman has decided to use her first amendment right to infringe on one man's second amendment right as she puts up a sign (picture and all) revealing his decision to conceal and carry. CLICK HERE TO READ STORY BROUGHT TO YOU BY
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This is scary. This article from the The Weekly Standard is some serious food for thought: CLICK HERE TO READ
The article calls it a victory. Gender identity is definitely a hot button issue for many in today's society. But does it have a place in schools? At what point do the rights or desires of one individual take precedence over the rights or comfort of another? What do you think...
New friend and peaceful Ferguson activist "Daywalker" is holding an open meeting tonight to discuss positive and plausible ways to address and start mending the many issues surrounding Ferguson: WHEN : Tuesday, September, 30th 6pm Where : Coffee Cartel Centeral West End #2...