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Our regular contributor Chris Wallace, Fox News Sunday, took the week off and we had the pleasure of speaking with John Roberts FBN. Mr. Robert's shares his thoughts on the new book written by Peter Schweizer that is calling attention to alleged donations made to the Clinton...
Jamie was getting hammered on all sides about his GMO stance. Here is what he actually had to day about it.
Kennedy host of "Kennedy" on FBN joins Jamie this morning, expressing her delight over the new Clinton Cash book written by Peter Schweizer set to hit shelves May 5th. She also has an interesting theory about correlation between Hillary's campaign staff and Scientology:
Our newest regular contributor @GenevieveWood joins Jamie this morning to discuss the landscape for Hillary's 2016 presidential run. Plus, did Hillary ditch the Scooby van?
@JJCarafano makes a special appearance to discuss the American warships deployed off the coast of Yemen as a counter to Iranian vessels in the region:
As previously discussed on #AITM, Navy Vet Michelle Manhart stopped a group of student at the University of Oklahoma from stomping on the flag and was in turn arrested for theft of property. CLICK HERE Todd Starnes spoke with Manhart and has the scoop:
Whether you like your eggs scrambled or over-easy, we're pretty sure you like them Bird-Flu-free. Dr. Tobler answers the question on everyone's (Jamie's) mind: If a bird has the flu then lays an egg, then I cook and eat the egg, will I be at risk of obtaining said flu? And on a...