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Sandra and Jamie discuss possible changes in the market when the Grand Jury finally reaches a verdict. Sandra also has the inside scoop on how the markets will be affected by the Presidents announcement and possible executive action on immigration:
KJ and Jamie discuss the aftermath of Nixon's decision to activate the National Guard. How will the verdict turn out? Should the city be on high alert? Plus, where did the failed leadership originate:
Todd and Jamie discuss the latest in Ferguson. They also discuss a school whose new administration has taken Mother Theresa from the "Hall of Fame Wall" and replaced her with Oprah... wait, what!?
Wondering the who, what, why, when and how many in terms of Grand Jury proceedings? Jamie breaks down the jury make-up, the length of time they've served and what will happen when a decision is finally reached. Why would or wouldn't McCulloch sit on the decision? Is there enough...
Jim and Jamie discuss the "die-in Delmar" that took place over the weekend. Hoft also reveals President Obama's comments on the situation in Ferguson. And of course more non-sense surrounding the "who is this guy?" as "that guy [Gruber]" just keeps talking:
You may be familiar with the "Cato Minute" that runs daily on our station -- if not check out this mornings minute here: Jamie spoke with President and CEO John Allison this morning. The Cato Institute is dedicated to maintaining and preserving constitutional liberty. Mr...
Again, what a horrible woman doesn't even begin to cover it. Nancy Pelosi has been caugth lying to the American people again. Back in 2009 she touted Grubers report in a condecending and matter of fact manor. This week she has no idea who he is. Jamie breaks it down: RELATED...
Jimmy Carafano is back after a few week absence and he's full of information. Where would our nation and the world at large be if President make a deal with the Iranian leaders granting them access to nuclear capability?
Stacy joins the show this morning to discuss the Gruber fiasco, Ferguson protest organization and a possible GOP push to repeal the Congressional Earmark Ban. RELATED Congressional Switchboard Line: 202.224.3121