AITM On-Demand

Brian joins the show from a diner in NYC on primary day! The atmosphere in his location? "This is Peter King's district... pretty heavy republican... so far I'm getting Trump, Trump, Trump," says Kilmeade.
Heroine and opoid related deaths are on the rise. Listen to Dr. Eric and Jamie discuss the cause and effects of opoid addiction and alternatives to relieve pain:
The Gateway Pundit makes his first appearance of the week. He's reporting on Lewandoski reaching out to Fields immediately after the 'incidient', 11-year olds banned from a talent show, Trump's new nickname for Hillary and more! Hear the interview here: via Gateway Pundit: WHO...
Rockstar, Maria Bartiromo , takes time to share the story of her upbringing with Jamie! We know Maria is cool, (Joey Ramon wrote a song about her for crying out loud), but this week she shares another piece of her history with STL: