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Judge Napolitano joins the show this morning to discuss the legal side of the latest lack of government security. "The government has written laws that immunize it from the consequences of it's bad behavior," says Judge Nap. Hear his interview with Jamie below:
Jamie rarely thinks about politics whilst worshiping but something this past Sunday caught his ear. Luke 3:10 Hear why below:
Brian joins the show this morning to discuss the serious lack of vetting on the social media front when it comes to immigration. Not only did we not check the cold-blooded killer chick in San Bernardino, we had (and still have) a policy against it. "It wasn't a mistake, it's a...
Rodney Boyd joins the show this morning to discuss a wide array of upcoming legislation in the Missouri capitol. Stadium, medicinal marijuana and more:
Maria discusses her guests for this week's Sunday Morning Futures, and explains how ISIS is preventing the government from reading their online activities.
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Jim Carafano tries to win a Cardinals prize pack... plus, he discusses the future of Russia and the way we deal with Putin.
Maria Everding, St. Louis' First Lady of Manners, joins the show for a pre-holiday etiquette lesson!
Unsolicited, Kennedy asks Jamie what she should wear on her show tonight on FBN.