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Credit: Getty Images It's bad enough watching the NFLer's openly disrespect our anthem. Now, Todd Starnes is reporting on a high school in Washington state who's football coach is following suit and bring his players down with him . Hear Jamie and Todd discuss this story and...
Credit: "If you are an established candidate and can't figure out a way to engage your new energized voter on the far left or far right then you're probably not going to make it through this cycle," Boyd said. Hear the interview below:
Jim Hoft speaks with Jamie about Priebus Warning Kasich, Bush, Cruz about being blocked out in future runs for lying about supporting Trump. Hear the interview below: For more from the Gateway Pundit: 1.) Bombs in NYC and Hillary Clinton Looks Like She’s Going to Pass out on...
Credit: Getty Images Charles Payne speaks with Jamie about jobs and higher wages. Hear the interview below:
Credit: Stacy speaks with Jamie about the leftist's controlling the mainstream media in favor of Hillary Clinton. Hear the interview below:
Credit: Getty Images Session is over and Missourian's have questions. Voter ID overriden? New gun legislation making it legal to carry without a permit? Jones has answers the these questions and more in the interview below:
Screenshot via Steven. G. Bailey is a candidate for Missouri's 1st congressional district. He stopped by the studio today to discuss his campaign goals and vision for the city of St. Louis. Hear his interview with Jamie below:
Credit: Getty Images Sen. Jim Talent cautions voters and pundits against attacking Hillary's health. Talent sees this as setting the bar low or picking the low hanging fruit. There are plenty of other concerns that should be, well, more concerning to American's. Hear his...
Credit: Getty Images You know the main stream media is anticipating the return of queen Hillary after her recent run in with "pneumonia". Now Trump is taking to Dr. Oz to clear up any confusion about his health. Fox New's Shannon Bream joins Jamie this morning to discuss: