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Jay Stewart gives his incite on if or if not convicted felons should have the right to vote. Also, Stewart speaks about the three candidates running for POTUS stance on racial tension. Hear the interview below:
Diamond and Silk speak with Jamie on Trump reaching out to the African-American communities. "The more that people hate, the more of an opportunity we have to educate," the sisters said. Hear the interview below:
Rodney Boyd speaks with Jamie about Missouri voters being asked to decide their political fate of Missouri. Also, Greitens goes on the Allman Report to discuss his policies compared to Koster's. Hear the interview below:
Jim Hoft speaks with Jamie about Louisiana Dem. Gov. praising Trump for helping out Louisiana. Also, Jamie finds a cut from an ABC news interview where a man tears up because Trump came to Louisiana to help. Her the interview below: More from the GateWay Pundit: 1...
Charles Payne explains his views on how Trump should keep building his platform. "He will have to go to black churches and different places to articulate to people and look them in the eyes," Payne said. Hear the interview below:
Jim Carafano got to meet Trump this week in NYC! He speaks with Jamie about the meeting, who was there and what was discussed. Hear the interview below:
Stacy Washington speaks with Jamie on what some consider Trump's best speech in North Carolina Thursday night. "He is now beginning to chart a path to outlining what the Democrats do in relation to their demographic boxes," Washington said. Hear the interview below:
Wallace took the week off so Jesse Watters took the 'chair' in his place. Hear his interview with Jamie below: Watters World Special! Details below: FOX NEWS CHANNEL'S WATTERS WORLD TO AIR ON SATURDAY, AUGUST 20th 8PM/ET Fox News Channel (FNC) will present the ninth installment...
Joe Biden arrives in Serbia to chants... for Donald Trump. It's awesome. Plus, have you noticed Hillary's stool dependancy? Fox News has and Jim reports. Hear Jamie and Jim's discussion below: Via WOW! JOE BIDEN Welcomed to Serbia With MASSIVE RALLY FOR...