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Is John Brunner courting Trump? Greitan's ad falling flat? Hanaway gaining headway and Rush endorsing Kinder? There's plenty to discuss when it comes to the MO Governor's race and Rodney Boyd is just the man for the job:
Jim Hoft joins the Orlando conversation. Clearly this was terror and clearly the victims were specific targets. How does this work with leftist politics when the LGBT community is targeted by Muslim extremists (that we're supposed to pretend don't exist)?
Todd says the shooting victims in Orlando are more specifically victims of political correctness.
Jamie catches up with Maria Bartiromo and talks about weird experiences she has had on live TV as well as Hillary's tax reform putting America in more debt. Hear on demand below: Photo by:
Jamie talks to Sharyl Attkisson about the legal issues of Obama endorsing Hillary and what's coming up this week on her Television program Full Measure . Hear On Demand below:
"When it bleeds it leads... except at a Trump rally," says Watters. Jesse Watters is back with Jamie to dicuss Hillary's "historic win", her lack of ability to talk issues & the lack of media coverage surrounding the violent attacks outside of the Trump rally in San Jose...
Jamie talks with Kennedy on the Trump vs. Hillary campaign. Kennedy predicts it's about to get nasty. " I'm really curious to see the research that these two sides start to come up with about each other," said Kennedy. Hear the on deman audio below: Photos by: