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Jamie talks to Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder about the Ferguson Commission and creating a non-Governement way to revitalize the community.
Jamie talks about the attack on a Bosnian woman in STL, Jeb Bush, and shares a video of a 14 week old.
Jamie and Rodney talk about the upcoming Nixon hearings.
Jamie and Cynthia talk about the O'Fallon Texting Ban.
Jamie and caller Dave discuss the double standards in protesting.
Wondering why police in small towns and municipalities are pulling people over for going 5mph over the speed limit? We're not. Failed leadership in many counties has led to BUDGETING in revenue grabbed from routine traffic stops. Yeah... it's a problem. MO State Senator Eric...
Kennedy joins the show this morning to discuss the rioting around the nation, the false "Hands Up Don't Shoot" narrative and more: