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Jimmy brings forward an unbelievable list from liberal princess Elisabeth Warren and a jaw dropping tweet from a John Kerry subordinate.
Naturally we talk border... but what you may not have heard... Jamie gets some sleep AND gets peed on by a squirrel... wait what? Check it out!
Always one to break the ice... Jamie takes a shot at cracking the hot-hard-hitting Maria. Did you know this chick has THREE songs written for her???
A specials thanks and appreciation to Rob and his family who have served and made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Pride in our nation isn't about our leader; it's about our country, our flag, freedom and the men and women protecting them.
FBN and FNC's lovely Sandra Smith has the lowdown on all of your market happenings. Plus cappuccino flavored potato chips?
As a long time season ticket holder to the Muny, Jamie has seen his fair share of musicals in Forest Park. Last night's performance of the Addams Family rubbed him the wrong way. Find out why. What do you think?