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Former Speaker Tim Jones joins the show to discuss the latest indiscretions of former Speaker John Diehl. Hear the interview below:
Jamie and Jimmy discuss the constitutionality of the TPP, the Middle East talk on the hill and Ebola, yes, ebola. Hear the interview below:
Chris Wallace joins the program to discuss a variety of news stories and popular culture issues. On the topic of the tragic shooting-massacre in a South Carolina church, "Why couldn't they just get help... you just wish that somebody would have intervened at some point..." When...
Kennedy checks in to share her thought on Trumps announcment, Hillary's spotify list and the Rachel Dolezal saga. Hear interview below:
The Gateway Pundit has been all over the Rachel Dolezal story and brings the new information of her presence at a Freddie Grey protest. Activism is cool. Peaceful protesting is a constitutional right. She's still ridiculously hilarious.
Sen. Jim Talent and Jamie discuss the terrible tragedy that is the Charleston church shooting.
Scott with moto eXotica joins the program this morning to talk about, the Great Race Rout 66! Visitors to the event will get to see classic cars and meet drivers. Event Info: Date(s): 6/18-6/20 Time: 8a-6p Location: 2340 Cassens Drive Fenton, MO 63026 Scott has the scoop: CLICK...
Kevin Jackson weighs in on the Trump talk... he's not impressed. "If you want to put Trump possibly in the State Department because he's a marketer... and he can sell the message of America... I'd say there's consideration there... but Trumps about Trump." Hear interview below: