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Maria joins Jamie for an in-depth look at the markets post-election day. The forecast is significantly brighter! Maria explains why that is and what we can expect in the coming years. LISTEN BELOW
Jamie and Stacy discuss election results and Stacy dons a new uniform. LISTEN BELOW
Our beloved Sandra Smith has a major announcement! She also discusses the markets post elections. Spoiler alert... things are looking up! Here's the scoop:
Come January Speaker Jones will be former Speaker Jones. Tim joined Jamie to reveal (for the first time) his future plans. Here's the scoop:
Sen. Jim Talent joins Jamie to discuss the results of Tuesday's election. What does a GOP lead Senate mean for the country? Is change possible? How affective is Obama's pen and phone? Here's the scoop:
Sharyl Attkisson (formerly of CBS) joins Jamie this morning to introduce her new book, "Stonewalled: My Fight for Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation and Harassment in Obama's Washington." Sharyl opens up in the interview about the media management mafia who...
Todd and Jamie discuss the races that should be on your radar. They also discuss a number of MO amendements so you can be ready when you hit the polls today. LISTEN BELOW
Zak Baruti started as one of the original Ferguson demonstrators. He realizes the politics have failed/are failing the area and he decided (was convinced by supporters) that the answer was make the change from within. It is most definitely important to get out and vote.... for...
Rick Stream running for St. Louis County Executive joins Jamie for a final few thoughts before Election Day. Most importantly the need and plan for restoring ALL St. Louis counties and the necessity of bring back jobs and commerce to N. County. LISTEN BELOW RELATED CLICK HERE...