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Sen Talent previews Hillary Clinton's upcoming Foreign Policy Speech. And God gives Jamie a "karma cold."
This morning Jamie spoke to Senator Will Kraus who is running for MO Secretar y of State.
A Republican in St. Louis City!? St. Louis City Republican's provide an alternative to the historically liberal leanings within the city limits of STL. Hear Chairman Michael Chance with Jamie below: Find all of the info mentioned in the interview, HERE !
CNN's Dana Bash asks the million dollar quesiton: Who is David French? What we know: He is a staff writer at the National Review . Bill Kristol wants him to be our next PotUS. Genevieve Wood joins Jamie to discuss:
Suspense continues to build around potential VP candidates for Donald Trump. Over the weekend Jamie spoke with Congresswoman Ann Wagner on that very issue. Is Rep. Wagner's name on that list? Maybe! Hear Jamie and Dr. Tobler discuss:
The FBI investigation continues and our legal expert, Judge Napolitano joins Jamie to discuss. Are things looking up for ole Hillary? "Assuming the FBI knows more than what is in the public record there is an overwhelming amount of evidence of guilt, I really really think she's...
Todd Starnes joins Jamie this morning to share his feelings on the killing of a gorilla at the Cincinnati zoo after a young boy fell into his enclosure. Todd isn't sure who is more at fault: the zoo and their faulty enclosure or the parents and their faulting attention paying...