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Sandra Smith takes a break from her busy morning schedule to fill us in on the markets, the Fed & her thoughts on Donald Trump entering the race. "Donald Trump has an air of confidence... I think the country wants to see a confident leader right now... almost like that...
Judge Napolitano joins the program and shares his thoughts on Donald Trump's annoucment to run for president as a Republican candidate. "He means what he says... he means well... he's not a typical politician and that will appeal to a lot of people."
Todd Starnes is now identifying as a senior citizen puerto rican named Julio Starnez.
Judge Napolitano talks to Jamie about Republican candidate hopefuls Jeb Bush and Carly Fiorina.
Dr. Tobler and Jamie discuss Rachel Dolezal, the white NAACP president who posed as a black woman.
Garland Tucker talks to jamie about his book, "Conservative Hereos".
The Gateway Pundit checks in with a weekend update. Hillary's relaunching her campaign (we're not sure why either), ISIS tweets out Pam Geller 's home address, a dumb CNN anchor eats her words, and more #BlackLivesMatter protesters stomping on our flag... Hear the interview...
Chris Wallace will interview Paul Ryan this weekend on Fox News Sunday . Will he be having a seance as well? Well, probably not, but you should listen to his hilarious and informative interview below:
Jim Hoft always brings a wide array of content.... today... a transgender woman says it's only fair she fights other women. Plus, more McKinney coverage and racist zoo employees in Chicago. Hear interview below: