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Stanger, Stream, Dooley; Rodney Boyd has the low down on the race + a new group of Stream supporters...find out who:
Dr. Tobler makes a special guest appearance today to discuss the escalating threat and fear of the Ebola epidemic in Africa and now in the US:
It's always great to hear from our esteemed Congresswoman Ann Wagner! A great interview with topics spanning Boehing (local) to ISIS (not so local); check it out:
The president had no problem throwing James Clapper and the intelligence agency under the ISIS bus. Not sure about you Mr. President but I wouldn't mess with the "intelligence" agency... they know a lot of things...
It was a pleasure to have our new House Speaker in studio this morning and an honor that he chose this outlet to break news on common core; check it out:
Jamie and Jim discuss the OK beheading and the Gateway Pundit brings another story that hasn't gotten ANY attention: