AITM On-Demand

"Democrats spent seven years saying that the Republicans were the party of old white men... and they had that for their debate?'
"The world is a mess and [the Democrats] didn't address it. And they're gonna have to if they get elected."
"If you are a democrat and vote for anyone of those stooges, you are a moron."
General consensus, underwhelming. Genevieve Wood of and joins the show to discuss the nonsense:
Navy Seal Chris Heben joins Jamie this morning to discuss his record of service and inpiration. Heben shares his experience of providing security for Navy Seal Robert O'Neill, the man who claims to have killed Osama Bin Laden. Heber is also the leader of SEAL Team Consulting LLC...
Sandra Smith joins the show this morning to weigh in on the democratic debate recap. "I found myself not being able to walk away from it... I thought this could be really destructive," says Sandra. She also discusses the democratic hostilities toward Wall Street and Hillary's...
"For Hillary to lie again," Judge Napolitano . Hear his interview with Jamie below: