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Pamela Geller was disgusted by our administrations actions in the aftermath of last week’s terror attacks in Paris. Geller also notes we have a long history with Saudi Arabia and that may not be a good thing. "They were in the caves there before we came along with our technology...
Lt. Governor Peter Kinder joins Jamie this morning to discuss his current efforts to block Syrian refugees from migrating to Missouri. Kinder has reached out to Governor Nixon but has yet to receive a response. For more information and how you can get involved listen to Jamie's...
Judge Napolitano joins Jamie this morning for a legal briefing on Syrian refugees and offers his opinion of the terror in Paris and escalating threats around the globe:
Todd Starnes joins Jamie for his weekly hit. In the wake of terror in Paris and threat of thousands of un-vetted Syrian refugees hitting the shores, Todd takes a minute to tell a story of a slutty egg joint in CA. "The eggs are mostly served over-easy," says Starnes.
Oprah spent an entire show with an Islamic scholar who claimed Jihad is merely a spiritual struggle and not a holy war. "I'm not saying she's complacent but clueless is just as bad," says Pamela .
Rodney Boyd ( Insider Talk ) joins the show this moring with a very unsettling account of his sister dining in Paris during the attacks. She was unharmed but Rodney and family could not reach her until she returned to Spain.
Sandra and Jamie talk about her role moderating the latest GOP debate!
Jim Carafano takes social media seriously! Plus, he talks about ISIS and Veteran's Day.
Stacy Washington recaps her first Vet's parade with 97.1 in Edwardsville, Illinois and weighs in on the happenings at Mizzou.