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We had the chance to speak to TX Governor Rick Perry this morning! Governor Perry will be at the Double Tree Hotel in Chesterfield tonight at 5! CLICK HERE for more information! Share your comments with Jamie below!
Senator Jim Talent helps short through the Syria confusion. Share your comments with Jamie below!
Here is this week's speech from Bob Woodson. Jamie spoke to him on the air this morning. It's hard to rock the RNC, but Mr. Woodson made it happen. Share your thoughts with Jamie below!
Miss the show? Check out Jamie's hot poker from Texas and listen to him put it in the haters. Share your comments with Jamie below!
Eccentric as ever, Todd Starnes gives Jamie his impression of the VMAs! And Jamie uncovers the real question mark behind the event! Anthem – US Heritage Band 522 Give Up The Gun – Vampire Weekend 537 Spaceman – The Killers 550 Hallelujah – Helio Project 637 North American Scum...
Ever wonder how stop and frisk has gone unnoticed for so long? Jamie and Dr. Tobler discuss. Share your comments with Jamie below!
The Lightning Round. Little ole' Bobby Jindel, Newt and more! Share your comments with Jamie below!
Did you miss part of the show today? Catch up with Jamie’s interview with Stacy Washington about the "no, no-kill" pet shelter and how "extreme" the founders were.
Another week has come and gone. Enjoy the best of's from the show this week and have a happy and safe weekend! Music From Today's Show Anthem – The Fray 522 Best Day of My Life – American Authors 537 I’ll Meet You There – Owl City 550 Living Proof – Bruce Springsteen 637 No Tell...