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Kennedy joins Jamie this morning to discuss Ted Cruz's push for an amensty vote and what she deems "showboating" and grasping for a cause to stand on. Too much talk, not enough action. What do you think?
Who thinks fully automated automobiles is a good idea? Certainly not Jamie Allman.
Who wants to have a Todd Starnes Family Christmas? You know you do!
After the StLPD declared a woman's claims as a "hate crime," listener Emir was skeptical. It turns out he was right and the woman has been charged with filing a false report. Hear Emir's call from last Monday.
A truly inspiring and heartwrenching story from Marie-Christine Williams. When she came into studio today we didn't realize how raw and true her emotions remain today. Marie-Christine is a survivor of The Rwandan Massacre of 1994. Her entire family was killed in the carnage and...
Hallmark is under fire for a mishap (?) in their wrapping paper print... Ridiculous? We think so! Here's the scoop:
Seven pages of TIME talking about the struggle of selecting TIME's person of the year. Just how did they make the ground breaking decision... yeah we don't care. Nobody cares about TIME.. unless you do... then... ' CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE
The Show Me Institute’s', Joseph Miller joined Jamie this morning to discuss the proposed toll on I-70. On its face a toll would just be another way for the state to grab money from citizens to make up for excessive gov't spending. However, Miller points out there are ways to...