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Our esteemed Congresswoman Ann Wagner attended the highly anticipated speech from Isreali Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. "It was chilling," she recalls... but in a good way. Hear her reaction to the speech below:
The man who knows the U.S. Constitution as well as anyone shares his thoughts on gun rights for felons. Amendment 5... how far does it extend? Hear the interview below:
Governor Sam Brownback has worked miricles in our neighboring state, Kansas. Tax cuts in his state have led to economic developement and growth. He says he left corporate tax rates alone while dropping individual income tax rates and eliminating the income tax for small business...
Jamie goes through the backlash against Amendment 5, explaining why it is still a good thing.
Todd is back with insight on our former Secretary of State only using personal email for all her correspondences. And the latest from the Christian baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple.
Jamie breaks down the controversy behind SNL's most recent commercial parody.
Jamie talks to Rodney about the passing of Auditor Tom Schweich.
Stacy on the Right Live from Washington DC agreeing with Jamie without a previous conversation on the subject. Don't know what I mean? Listen.
After the Post Dispatch did a hit job before the body was cold, former Speaker Tim Jones and Jamie Allman had had enough.