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Senator Jim DeMint joins Jamie to discuss our decision the escalating (?) threat that ISIS poses and how it will affect our nation if we go through with aiding the Syrian rebels.
Maria joins Jamie to discuss how the markets are being affected by the new wave of terror threats; particularly why Australia is making news:
Protesters tried to block I-70 last night and police were sent to keep things calm and make sure drivers could pass. They were promptly pelted with rocks, bricks, blocks of cement, full water bottles, etc. Don't worry, they weren't wearing military gear. Or vests. Or body cams...
Aiding "moderate rebals" is dangerous. Essentially a terrible idea. Jamie explains: PRphotos.com
Coming off the heels of Gov. Nixon cutting the ***** off the local and county police, Claire decides she'll go in for round two. Despicable. Jamie breaks it down:
Both men of faith discuss religious interpretation and the roll gov't should (or should not) play: PRphoto.com