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You need to hear Jamie's interview with Fox Business Network's Stuart Varney. It was the perfect combination of entertainment and information.
What do Hollywood elites and Canadian cocoa have in common? Ask Todd Starnes, he will tell you.
Protesters disrupted a MLK celebration. Jamie & Jim Hoft wonder why.
Rodney joins the show this morning to give us a preview of what we can expect from Wednesday's State of the State address to be given my Gov. Nixon. We're all thinking it's going to be as tedious as it sounds:
Cathrine Hanaway joins Jamie this morning to talk about the things highest on her priority list when it comes to running for Missouri governor in 2016. Hear her thoughts and positions below:
Our beloved Jimmy Carafano takes time out of his busy schedule to chat with Jamie on all things foreign policy related. Namely, ISIS terrorizing Paris and Obama turning around and releasing 5 more GITMO detainees. WHHHHHYYYY? If nothing else (or like almost everything else)...
Gas prices are down so immediately, knowing the extra money may be in there, gov't reaches for our pockets. Each year MoDot requests an increase in funding. How do they explain the condition of the roads v. the BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars that have already been spent? Hopefully...
After a break where Scott just went on and on without letting Jamie speak - we came back from the break and Jamie tried to have a discussion with listener Scott about MoDot waste.
Thre is so much to talk about today, but Jamie & Senator Talent try to get it all in.