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Sen. Blunt was on with Jamie this morning talking about the loss of the Rams, the city's economy, the GOP Debate and Flood Relief
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Benghazi families quote Hillary at time at Dover air base when bodies arrived... Charles Woods’ son killed in Benghazi. Hillary claims family is wrong about what she said.....not telling the truth…as the lie was promoted AFTER she told Benghazi families about YouTube video and...
Genevieve Wood, Heritage.org & DailySignal.com , joins the show this morning to recap last nights State of the Union address. It was President Obama's final SotU and as hard to watch as we'd have guessed. Wood says Obama hasn't been willing to do the hard work of governing...
Doug Giles joins Jamie this morning to discuss the problems Europeans are currently facing regarding terrorism and how it could affect the United States.
Judge Nap joins Jamie this morning to discuss an investigation against Hillary Clinton. "Her legal situation is either grave or worse than grave... inconceivable that she doesn't recognize that," Judge says. Hear Jamie's full interview with the Judge below: