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Pinky's up! The twitter-sphere is a buzz about Obama's mishap in his beer-history lesson. What does Todd Starnes think?
At this point it's pretty clear that the left is trying to make those "crazy right-wingers" look like they're bringing measles back with full force and intent. Okay should children be vaccinated...maybe...should the government force citizens to vaccinate their children...hum.....
The Gateway Pundit joins Jamie to discuss the controversy a-twitter over a handful of Superbowl XLIX. Girls rule? Bringing back the horse? and more!
The rooooooooadddss... What's going to happen with that proposed toll road? Who's driving on cobblestone? Rodney answers these questions and more:
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace join Jamie this morning to discuss all things in the Wallace household. Most importantly... food! Mrs. Wallace has a new cook book out! CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOUR COPY !
Is there a crisis in Yemen? Does Bibi have anything important to let Congress know? Sen. Jim Talent thinks so and tells Jamie all about it.
Jamie interviewed the man behind all the melee at City Hall last night, Jeff Roorda. photo from TheGatewayPundit.com
Esteemed guest Kennedy (FBN) joins Jamie this morning from the trenchs (NY). This chick walked 50 BLOCK in the snow yesterday because working ethic is THAT important. Thanks DeBlasio for shutting down those UNDERGROUND subways.
Todd Starnes is trapped in the Blizzard of 2015. Oh wait... 12 inches isn't 30 inches.