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Conan takes a swipe at Trump after news breaks that his campaign advisor has been fired for racially charged comments. CLICK HERE for original story CLICK HERE to view Conan's commentary
Jamie and Rob agree to disagree about how interesting soccer is.
Jay wonders: it it a good or a bad thing that Planned Parenthood and Donald Trump are the GOP's number one stories right now?
Jim and Jamie mull over the latest Mike Brown memorial looting. Plus, Joe Biden might be getting into the Dem. primary.
Rodney and Jamie discuss Sen. Tom Dempsy's resignation.
Kevin Briggs is an Army Veteran and former California Highway Patrol officer. Much of his career was spent guarding the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Through negotiation Briggs helped save the lives of hundreds of men and women who came to the bridge to commit suicide...
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Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace joins Jamie for their regular Thursday chat. The Fox News Republican Debate is right around the corner and Chris Wallace will be there front and center. Here are the details of the upcoming debate: Date: August 6th, 2015 Time: 8aCST - Top 10...
Kennedy joins the program this morning to discuss Hillary's haircut, Cecil the Lion and the continued support of Donald Trump. Kennedy isn't sold on Trump for president, "People have to realize they could be electing Jesse Ventura..." Hear her interview with Jamie below: