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The Cards lost fair and square last night... too bad nobody talked to Jamie before the series:
DOW down triple digits? What's the cause: ebola, isis, elections? Here's what Sandra thinks:
Rodney takes a look at the Missouri and Illinois elections we (voters) need to keep a close eye on:
Kevin and Jamie discuss the latest GOP poll and Kevin's breakfast with Senator Paul:
Running for re-election in the 13th congressional district in Illinois, Representative Davis joins Jamie this morning to discuss policies and priorities:
After a long weekend Jamie and the Doc take some time to reflect:
The best way to handle the unrest in St. Louis now is work together. In the end we want our community to be the best it can be. Clearly the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson has opened the flood gates for an outcry for social justice. Social justice and economic growth and...
Jamie breaks down all of the happenings over the weekend: