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To build or not to build... that is the question. Will St. Louis see construction begin on a new stadium? Will St. Louis have an NFL team to play in said new stadium? How much are taxpayers willing to contribute to what some are calling the, "Field of Dreams" (if you build it,...
Stacy on the Right joins Tim Jones this morning to discuss all things topical. First and foremost, Ferguson. Why would Governor Nixon have been on the phone with Valerie Jarrett? You do the math (then share your comments below!!). Plus, SotR has a piece of advice for anyone...
First there was this: KFTK's Dr. Eric sets the record straight.
It's time to talk about how creepy Joe Biden is. Jamie enlists the help of some certs to prove his point in this segment. Photo courtesy PRPhotos.com
Pam Geller talks to Jamie about the media reaction to the Chapel Hill shootings and Obama's reluctance to talk about ISIS.
Jamie asks Jeff Roorda about his "muzzle" and the media reaction to his Darren Wilson bracelet.
Todd Starnes tells Jamie about BBQ and Obama finger puppets!
Jamie tells us about the four kinds of drivers in the snow.