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The Central Regional Technical Conference on EPA's Clean Power Plan is being held today at the Renaissance St. Louis AIrport Hotel. The conference is open to the public but a free live audio cast is available: CLICK HERE Below is James J. Jura CEO and GM of Associated Electric...
The Grey Falcon checks in to discuss the Carly Fiorina interview that took place on Fox News Sunday over weekend. She seems to be an interesting 2016 GOP candidiate/prospect. Discussion below:
This week with Jim Carafano, Jamie discusses the Saudis in Yemen, Korean Grocers and how to sign an e-book.
He says she used to be known as Jim's daughter, now he's known as Marie's dad! photo from his twitter account: @JamesEHarf
Check it out... Ferguson Mayor James Knowles and activist Brother Bob had breakfast this morning! This, people, is how we heal, change and grow as a community:
Todd is always in the heartland trying to get out of New York City. Hear about his latest trip to the deep south, tale a listen.
Rob Rains joins Jamie from Flordia with an update on Grapefruit League play, that CRAZY Blues goal last night & of course, a look at NCAA upsets.
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) made a preliminary annoucement last night on Twitter that he will be running for President in 2016. The Grey Falcon joins Jamie early this mornig to discuss:
Friend and fellow Emmis staffer, Curt Copeland ( NOW963 ), stopped by the studio early this morning to deliver his spot on Mike Shannon impression. A little Friday fun: