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After the Post Dispatch did a hit job before the body was cold, former Speaker Tim Jones and Jamie Allman had had enough.
Jamie noted WalMart is raising their minimum wage - without the Government having to force them.
The Gateway Pundit tells us about IRS "bonuses" and our Secretary of State's latest unbelievable statements.
Oath Keeper , Sam Andrews, joins Jamie this morning to talk about what it was like for the group during the riots in Ferguson. The Oath Keepers were accused of being KKK members, vigilantes and more. Hear their side of the story:
WARNING: THE VIDEO BELOW CONTAINS EXPLICIT LANGUAGE Lt. Ray Albers, formerly with the St. Ann police department, was involved in an unfortunate situation during the Ferguson riots. He was fired for his use of aggressive language. The problem? The YouTube video (below and...
The Missouri Republican Party has a new leader, John Hancock! He's more than just a really cool name... Hear his story, vision and commitment below:
ISIL isn't good at governing? Huh, who knew? This brilliant piece of in sight from our current administration and more! The Gateway Pundit joins Tim Jones this morning to discuss that particular bit of nonsense, as well as, Giuliani receiving death threats and finger pointing in...