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Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images The Gateway Pundit reports on 23 Hollywood idiots threatening to leave the country and we say good riddance. He also makes a solid case for President Obama being the demise of the Democratic party. From the Gateway Pundit: Good Riddance!…...
Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images Will former Senator Jim Talent accept a position on Trump's defense team? His name is currently being thrown around for Secretary of Defense. If Trump makes an offer will Sen. Talent accept?
Credit: Getty Images by Joe Raedle Jamie speaks with Kevin Jackson on Donald Trump's victory and Van Jones accusations that under Trump's Presidency, it will be a whitelash against a changing country. Listen to interview below:
Credit: Getty Images by Spencer Platt The mainstream media pundits are flipping out over the Trump victory. Jamie speaks with Genevieve Wood about the disappointed faces of the mainstream media pundits during Trump's victory. Listen to interview below:
Photo by La rry Busacca/Getty Images for GQ Eric Greitens is the GOP candidate for Governor of Missouri. How will this election turn out? We hope for the best. Get out and vote people. The Greitens campaign has also set up a "Legal War Room" to address concerns regarding the...
Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images Todd Starnes joins Jamie on election morning to discuss possible outcomes. They also talk chicken, ranch dressing, collards and cornbread. Hear the hilarious interview below:
Jamie speaks with Rodney Boyd about the effect of the Presidential election on our local election. Rodney explains the final stretch of the MO local elections. Listen to interview below:
Credit: Getty Images Alex Wong Jamie speaks with the Gateway Pundit about Obama saying illegal citizens are okay to vote... if this sounds wrong it's probably because it is! Listen to interview below: More from the Gateway Pundit: 1.) Criminal President Obama Encourages Illegal...