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Jim Hoft joins AITM to talk Mizzou Madness, and the audacity of a professor asking his students to attend class.
Mark Schierbecker gives a first hand account of what happened at Mizzou during the protests, and the fallout with Melissa Click.
Jim Talent talks the latest GOP Debate and how listeners could benefit from a smaller pool of candidates per debate. He also talks defense - here's an article he wrote about it for The National Review .
KJ plans to take a truckload of diapers to the babies at Mizzou.
Don't forget to check out Genevieve's work at Heritage.org and DailySignal.com !
Who's outraged by the Starbucks "holiday" cups? Spoiler... no one. That hasn't stopped the MSM from smearing Christians as a bunch of crazies. Oh and no worries, Todd has a thing or two to say about the hooligans running amuck at Mizzou: Don't forget to check out Todd Starnes'...
Lt. Governor Peter Kinder is stepping up and reminding the masses that the mob mentality taking place at Mizzou right now is not an acceptable form of governance. Hear his interview with Jamie below: