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Lt. Daniel Patrick Riordan was a Tank Commander in "America's First Team", joined Blue Platoon, D Company (the Deamons) 2nd Calvary Regiment, 8Th Battalion, 1St Calvary division at Fort Hood, Texas. Congresswoman Ann Wagner speaks with Jamie about dedicating the Sappington...
After Sen. Jim Talent hosted the Sen. Roy Blunt event this week, he and Jamie discuss the legacy of President George W. Bush:
Remember a year ago when Trump started his campaign for presidency and everyone thought it was a joke? Well.. look at him now! Charlie Gasperino speaks with Jamie Allman about Donald Trump's campaign and it's growth from when it started a year ago. "There's alot of stuff on...
The Obama administration has implemented policies that hurt minorities and the working middle class? Shocker. Here's a bit more icing on that cake from Kevin Jackson :
In the wake of Trump's trade speech , American's have to decide what his policy plans could mean for the country. He makes the point that for years trade policy has been used by politicians for political gain and nothing more. Genevieve Wood joins Jamie and echos that sentiment:
After the Benghazi committee announced their findings, conservatives heard one thing and liberals heard another. Liberals heard nothing to see here -- Hillary says "move on." We hear negligence from the administration. Pamela Geller says this should be the end of Hillary. Hear...
Trump is being criticized by "Reagan conservatives" for the following speech on trade. He's being called a "protectionist." Jamie points out Trump is actually following in Reagan's footsteps but with even more caution. Watch full speech: Hear Jamie's analysis:
Lardy Hagfish - soon to be a blue line of pantsuits from the DNC! Jamie talks to's Doug Giles :
Todd can't get him enough Madea & Tyler Perry... So he's our expert on the Jesse Williams / Justin Timberlake fiasco. Hear his interview with Jamie below: