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"Are we just gong to have the President of China in our county and have him lie to us?"
"It's a shame to see them take something that was wildly succesfful and turn it into another poorly thought out show for adults... We have enough of that content as grown ups. The kids need the Muppets because they actually taught them life lessons and morals."
"His last video had like 1.6 million hits, where he pummeled Obama... Clearly the White House did block him."
"You went on vacation, you gotta be careful when you take this time off, Jamie. It can change the whole dynamic of the election process!"
Stacy on the Right (filling in for Jamie) had the chance to speak with Pamela Geller on the continued crisis in Syria. Our current administration is throwing out numbers like 100K refugees in the next two years. Is this a problem? Pamela recalls her organization in 2012 issuing...
Marc Cox, filling in for Jamie, had the chance to speak with Star Parker of "CURE: Center for Urban Renewal and Education" . Parker is a born again conservative. She recalls hitting rock bottom while buying into the liberal message of a racist America and entitlement, "All of...
Jim Hoft ( The Gateway Pundit ) joins Marc Cox this morning to discuss the debunking of #clockgate2016. Basically, nation dupped . They also discuss Trump's recent remarks on Muslim leadership and don't worry... Hillary says she's "a real person". Hear their interview below:
We welcomed special guest Mykolas Rambus to the show this morning. According to their website, Wealth X is, "the global authority on wealth intelligence, providing sales, marketing, strategy and compliance solutions to clients in the financial service, luxury, not-for-profit and...
Pamela Geller joins the show this morning to opine on the Syrian refugee crisis. Should we be taking in thousands of immigrants? How will this affect the nation? Pamela says, "Obama hasn't been briefed that there is a Congress." Hear her interview with Jamie below: