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"I've alraedy have people unfollow me [on twitter]. Like that's a world ender for me."
"Trump and Cruz are concerned in holding their numbers in Iowa... In Iowa crazy things can happen in the last week."
"If Cruz was being a baby, I would be saying the same thing..."
Genevieve Wood joins the show to discuss Thursday's GOP debate and the water mucking around Hillary. Will Trump debate and should he? Just how serious is this server scandal? Jamie and Genevieve discuss the above and more: You can find Genevieve's work at Daily Signal.com &...
Our favorite legal expert is back! Not one to take sides politically, the Judge notes, "whatever you think of the Apprentice and of him... nobody runs five-star buildings in NYC like the Donald." Hear his interview with Jamie below:
"I don't think it's a two man race, I think it's three with Rubio and the forth will be Christie then Kasich... People are going on about how Rubio can't win... what do you mean he can't win?" says Brian Kilmeade. Hear his discussion with Jamie below:
Hear Jim and Jamie discuss the following (via Gateway Pundit ) : MEDIA FALSELY SMEARS TRUMP as ‘Mocking’ Turban Wearing Protester Ejected From Rally Watch=> Hillary Clinton’s Creepy Laugh When Asked About Lack of Enthusiasm for Her Campaign TRUMP Calls for Megyn Kelly’s...