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Jamie and the Gateway Pundit discuss the presidents mistep in his ISIS announcment and how terrorists (and everybody else) is reacting to it:
Jim Carafano and Jamie talk about ISIS and basketball:
Jamie with an eye opening and HILARIOUS experiment + the Gateway Pundit helps decipher the results:
Always a pleasure to have our esteemed Senator in studio. Senator Blunt personally spoke with President Obama, here's the scoop:
In under :30 Jamie dismantles the militarization of police narrative that is sweeping the nation in the wake of the riots in Ferguson. Senator McCaskill plans to speak on the matter... good luck Claire:
It's a tough job but somebody has to do it. Thank goodness we have Kevin Jackson on our side. Representing our community on a national stage where sides and spins are predetermined is daunting, not to mention potentially dangerous. KJ is doing a great job... check it out:
ISIS is no in control of an airforce base... moving up from hijacking... Clearly the threat is real but what does it mean?