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Special guest Stuart Varney joins Jamie this morning. Varney is one of the most well-known, well-respected business reporter's in the nation. His taking the time out to do St. Louis radio sparks a conversation about the difference between excellence and meritocracy. Striving for...
The shootings over the last two days in France have been shocking and saddening. Here's the scoop:
J and Jimmy have shocking news from France as the gunmen-terrorist tragedy continues.
Before he becomes Speaker of the House, John Diehl stops by Allman in the Monring at the Rotunda.
Before he was swown in as Missouri's 2nd Dictrict Senator, Dr. Bob Onder stopped by Allman in the Morningto talk to Jamie in the Rotunda.
Jamie wants people to know the gas prices going down is a good thing and Sharyl Attkisson is sick of being spied upon, so she's suing the government.
Jamie wonders aloud if Mr. Starnes could (should?) replace Mike Huckabee on FNC.
Wondering if it will ever stop? Not likely. At this point the message seems to be lost. Liberals unite in shaming NY officers turning their back on DeBlasio but chanting "what do we want, dead cops" is just an expression of a first amendment right... hum:
KMOV and the case of the racist Family Dollar, Boston bomber - terrorist or bullied brother? + fetus v. baby... Believe it or not the media gets all three of the above wrong...