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Platte County Presecuting Attorney Eric Zahnd joined Jamie yesterday morning to discuss the legalities of the Grand Jury processes. Before this interview we assumed we would be hearing from members of the jury. Interviews, leaks, etc... Zahnd explains why that won't be happening:
Friend and colleague Ben Vogelsang is a Ferguson native. Last night Ben and Tony Colombo took to the streets in the wake of the decision. Ben gives a firsthand account -- starting in Clayton and migrating to Ferguson of the fears, tension and events that took place. Fire,...
We've all seen the coverage. Last night, nationally and locally, we watched business in Ferguson burn. In the beginning the media outnumbered the protesters 20-1. After the decision was released and set in the mood took a turn. It's been a struggle for our community to marry...
Jamie and Rodney discuss the further preparation in the lead up to the Ferguson verdict. How will the city react? What could possibly be taking this long?
Jamie checks in with the Gateway Pundit. Is Obama considering coming to Feruson?
Jamie and Jimmy discuss last nights address where President Obama announced his executive action on immigration. Carafano thinks it was an absolute trainwreck. Hear what he has to say:
Will he? That's funny because we heard him refering to illegals as people who "pick our fruit and make our beds".