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Wallace took the week off so Jesse Watters took the 'chair' in his place. Hear his interview with Jamie below: Watters World Special! Details below: FOX NEWS CHANNEL'S WATTERS WORLD TO AIR ON SATURDAY, AUGUST 20th 8PM/ET Fox News Channel (FNC) will present the ninth installment...
Joe Biden arrives in Serbia to chants... for Donald Trump. It's awesome. Plus, have you noticed Hillary's stool dependancy? Fox News has and Jim reports. Hear Jamie and Jim's discussion below: Via WOW! JOE BIDEN Welcomed to Serbia With MASSIVE RALLY FOR...
"Affordable" my a**. Senator Talent and Jamie discuss the perils of the Affordable Care Act as new policies are set to kick in next year. Talent points out that it's actually less affordable for lower to middle class individuals to obtain health coverage and those who can afford...
Kevin Jackson shares his views on Trump's speech in Milwaukee and breaks down Hillary's fatal economic plan. Hear the interview below:
Genevieve Wood shares her views on Welfare programs and how they effect impoverished areas. Also, she shares her story of visiting Milwaukee after the riots. Hear the interview below:
Stephan Moore speaks with Jamie about Trump's economic plan vs. Hillary's plan. "We want to talk about nothing but the economy, while Hillary wants to talk about anything but the economy," Moore said. Hear the interview below:
Pam Geller speaks with Jamie about the corrupt Clinton initiative. "While (Trump) may not be perfect, she's (Clinton) horrible, she's criminal, evil, I don't even know were to begin," Geller said. Hear the interview below:
Col. Jack Johnson speaks with Jamie about Trump's foreign policy speech. Hear the interview below:
Brian Kilmeade reflecting on Trump's foreign policy speech and more specifically his "exteme vetting" stance on immigration, "shows an evolving of a policy but the key does he believe it, does he understand it and is he willing to debate it?"