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Dr. Tobler made a special guest appearance with Jamie this morning in the aftermath of Joan Rivers' passing. What is being stated as out-patient surgery turned cardiac arrest is causing many to pause and ask why? Well, we thought... let's ask our dear doctor friend: Also, check...
Beloved Aunt Sue called in this morning to help remind everyone that the Missouri Military Memorial Foundation has a VERY special event taking place today at Jefferson Barracks: CLICK HERE FOR EVENT INFORMATION PRphotos.com
Also, Obama wants Russia to behave... (:36 … if in fact Russia is prepared to stop financing army training… and is serious about a political settlement thats something we all hope for...) PRphotos.com
When questioned by Chris Hayes, Josh Earnest was careful to swap ISIS for ISIL. Is there a reason for that? What is the difference and how real is this threat?
Jamie's friend "the Hookman" kills it with this theme song to the film Spanish Lake
"Belleville" trailer - click SHARE to share this with your friends! from TedTrentStudios.com on Vimeo .