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Todd Starnes joins Jamie this morning to share his feelings on the killing of a gorilla at the Cincinnati zoo after a young boy fell into his enclosure. Todd isn't sure who is more at fault: the zoo and their faulty enclosure or the parents and their faulting attention paying...
Rodney Boyd joins the show this morning with an update on the MO Governor's Race. Lt. Governor Peter Kinder received funds from a mega donor; find out who, why and how it could effect the rest of the race:
Sen. Dr. Bob Onder talks to guest host Tim Jones about transgender restrooms and our second amendment rights.
Jim Carafano speaks with guest host Tim Jones about Obama claiming world leaders are nervous because of Trump.
Stacy Washington talks to guest host Tim Jones about the Black Lives Matter movement and if it is making the US more dangerous.
"... Right to work is our key policy issue for the year, in order for Missouri to get working again and for the economic engine to get moving, we've gotta become a right to work state," Bev Randles
The Gateway Jamie talks to Jim Hoft, the Gateway Pundit about how MSNBC praises protesters, Pocahontas & Tom Cotton going after Harry Reid.
Genevieve joins Jamie to discuss our government's latest financial splurge. Spoiler alert, you paid for it. Her interview with Jamie: And her video breakdown: