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Jay Ashcroft stopped by the studio this morning to kick off his “Election Integrity Tour”! Hear his interview with Jamie below:
Kevin Jackson speaks with Jamie about Hillary Clinton's health and her appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show. Hear the interview below:
Rachel Bovard , from, speaks with Jamie about the ups and downs of polling. "Polling can be helpful, but it is a snapshot of one moment in time," Bovard said. Hear the interview below:
Former Missouri U.S. Attorney Catherine Hanaway Joins Trump Call for Special Prosecutor to Investigate Clinton Corruption Scandal. “Donald Trump is right -- we need a Special Prosecutor to investigate the pay-to-play scheme that traded State Department access for donations to...
The vivacious Doug Giles joins Jamie to discuss Hillary’s interesting choice of attire on Kimmel last night and frankly all the time. Doug has a theory. Hear he and Jamie discuss this and more in the interview below:
FM NewsTalk 971 is teaming up with The American Red Cross and other local broadcasters to help raise money for Lousiana flood relief. St. Louis CEO, Cindy Erikson, joins Jamie to discuss the efforts: Leare more HERE !
Todd Starnes is OUTRAGED that the University of Mississippi is dropping the song “Dixie” from football games. Hear Jamie and Todd discuss the Ole Miss outrage, as well as, the confusing confession/revocation from Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte: Read the Ole Miss story and more at...
Jay Stewart gives his incite on if or if not convicted felons should have the right to vote. Also, Stewart speaks about the three candidates running for POTUS stance on racial tension. Hear the interview below:
Diamond and Silk speak with Jamie on Trump reaching out to the African-American communities. "The more that people hate, the more of an opportunity we have to educate," the sisters said. Hear the interview below: