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Genevieve and Jamie discuss the likelihood of a brokered convention. Plus, more Supreme Court Nominee information.
Upon the passing of Justice Scalia, the political sphere has been a buzz over a successor. We turn to our expert of all things legal, Judge Napolitano , to explain the process and who should legally be the nominat or . Hear his interview with Jamie below:
Todd Starnes joins the program to elaborate on the Trump phenomenon. "Donald Trump is the only person on stage that's actually talking about the economy and he's really doing so in a way that really impacts blue collar workers," says Starnes.
Brian Kilmeade joins the South Carolina and Supreme Court discussion this morning. On Trump, Brian says, "It's almost as if he's verbally doing that, challenging Republicans... yesterday he indicated he might even run as an independent... in a way I agree with Ted Cruz for the...
Cards Spring Training starts this week! Rob and Jamie talk about the future of the team. And just what Matt Holiday is doing over at first base?
Winston Churhill's great grandson, Jonathan Sandy, visited to AITM studio today - what a great President's Day treat! He's in town to honor the 70th anniversary of Churchill's famous "Iron Curtain" speech! Check out the details at
Josh Hawley and Jamie remember Justice Scalia and look ahead to the future.
Jamie and Rodney talk Scalia's passing and the appointment of a new Supreme Court Justice... and if Obama might appoint a decoy justice.
Jamie and Pat Dodd introduce the Allman in the Morning Junior Patriot Award! Plus, Jim Hoft talks about the new information surrounding Melissa Click.