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As session resumes a number of piece of legislation will be on the table. Many of these proposed bills are aimed at curbing police violence (?). Rodney says some of these outrageous propositions may be considered. Rodney explains why:
Jim Hoft joins Marc Cox this morning to discuss the craziness over the weekend. "Dead Cop" Christmas carols and all. Here's the scoop... what do you think?
The following gun ad is horrible in so many ways. Aside from the fact that this kid is commiting upwards of 10 felonies, the message is a mixture of -- women shouldn't own guns and turn to authorities as opposed to communicating with your family. Here's how Jamie feels about it...
Learn all about a Todd Starnes' All American Christmas available on FoxNewsRadio.com .
Back by popular demand, The Physics of Santa! If you haven't hear this little gem you're about to laugh, really hard. Back when Jamie did morning news for "The Breakfast Club" with JC Corcoran he presented a little festive piece that turned out to be a BIG hit!
Who's really to blame for the senseless deaths of two NYC police officers over the weekend? Hear what Jamie thinks:
There is much to discuss in the wake of the slaying of two NYC police officers over the weekend. Jamie and Jim do in fact discuss the incident and accountability. However, did you think Ebola was all but gone? Think again... Sharyl Attkisson made a call to the CDC... hear what...
Senator Blunt stopped by this morning to say hi and give us an update from DC. How does he feel about the Cuba deal?
Charles Payne, host of Making Money with Charles Payne on the Fox Business Network, joins the show this morning! Are you wondering why we're seeing gas prices as low as $1.97/gallon? Charles Payne says it may not be a fluke... we may actually be doing something right. Charles...