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Esteemed guest Kennedy (FBN) joins Jamie this morning from the trenchs (NY). This chick walked 50 BLOCK in the snow yesterday because working ethic is THAT important. Thanks DeBlasio for shutting down those UNDERGROUND subways.
Todd Starnes is trapped in the Blizzard of 2015. Oh wait... 12 inches isn't 30 inches.
The super-accomplished Jamie Colby comes on with Jamie Allman today to talk about her new show Strange Inheritances.
We think Christie did a bang-up-job speaking in Iowa over the weekend. Sure, his New Jersey roots will always be there but can we really hate the guy for that? Hear what Jay and Jamie have to say about it:
Judge Jeanine Pirro is coming to St. Louis! This Thursday, January 29th, the Judge will be speaking at the Educational Policy Conference on the importance of understanding Sharia Law. Hear her interview below: PRphotos.com
Senator Blunt takes time out to discuss the major scandal unfolding in Missouri following the light of the Nixon stand down order.
Thursday morning Jamie broke the over-looked AP story printed weeks ago proving that Governor Nixon told the National Guard to stand down in Ferguson on Novemebr 24th, 2015. Hear what Lt. Governor Peter Kinder has to say on the matter:
Yesterday: Gas promptly increased by 30 cents on the gallon just a few hours later. But fear not... Steve says it's suppose to go down again today!
After the State of the State, House Speaker John Diehl called in to tell Jamie the real story behind some of the statements the Governor made. Click Here to see the SotS and the Speaker's Response.