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Host of Insider Talk , Rodney Boyd, discusses the budget (or lack there of) in Illinois. What happenes when a state government fails to pass a budget? Find out below:
Bob and Bev Chop Suey - System of a Down Bob and Bev latest: Taylor Swift (Blank Space)...with daughter Bev does Royals by Lorde Bob and friends do Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines Jennifer Kushinka got the Bob and Bev treatment:
Friend and U.S. Senator Roy Blunt stops by the studio today to share some highlights from his recent tour of Missouri. Jamie also has the chance to ask about the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership:
Chris Wallace was in the hot seat with our very own Sandra Smith and team on #OUTNUMBERED . "The ladies on outnumbered are really smart... it's a little inimidating..."
If you haven't seen the video of Carly Fiorina taking media questions outside of Hillary Clinton's South Carolina event check it out: Fiorina is a spit-fire and Jimmy Hoft ( The Gateway Pundit ) flagged this piece immediately. Hear our interview with Jim below:
Ferguson Mayor James Knowles checks-in to discuss the recall effort against him in Ferguson. I'm sure you'll find this hard to believe but there has been misinformation (lies) circulating from the petition signers (que eye roll). Jamie and the Mayor explain:
Kennedy is back and snarky as ever (in the best way)! Kennedy and Jamie opine on Chris Christie's recent media circuit, Carly Fiorina's Hillary campaign event steak-out and the unexplainable controversy surrounding the (yet to be released) film, "Aloha". Hear the full interview...
Former contributor Greg Gutfeld is back, announcing the launch of his new program, " The Greg Gutfeld Show ," beginning this Sunday, May 31st at 9pCST on Fox News Channel. Gutfeld hilariously describes his new endeavor as, "the love child of Pee Wee's Playhouse and the O'Rielly...
What is a " Blue Republican ", you ask? Robin Koerner joins us this morning to discuss that very question. "Blue republicans were started when Ron Paul was running in 2011…” Koerner was asked to write for the Huffington Post, “to write for independents and people on the left… I...