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The clock's ticking in Jefferson City, MO. It's the last week of session and Rodney Boyd ( Insider Talk ) joins the show to discuss policies and issues we need to keep an eye on:
The Cardinals finally get a night off and the Blues are planted in front of their televisions for play off season. Rob Rains with your sports news:
Jay Stewart ( The Grey Falcon ) joins the program this morning to discuss the conservative viewpoint on the Pacific Trade Agreement:
Our lovely first lady is claiming racial oppression. "Confused for the help..." (Okay.. who hasn't been, "Hey, do you work here?") More on Baltimore and what's the deal with Fiorina and her website? The Gateway Pundit :
Ryan Johnson , Missouri Alliance for Freedom , joins the show this morning to discuss the potential benefits of Right to Work in Missouri. Listen to the interview here: Share your thoughts on Right to Work below!
Chris Wallace, Fox News Sunday , joins the show to discuss the major events of the week. Find out where he stands on the Clinton Cash scandal, Fiorina announcing her 2016 run and his thoughts on the shooting in Garland, TX. Hear interview below:
Sen. Jim Talent shares all of the details regarding the extremely close British election taking place right now. How does this directly affect the USA? Find out below:
After a shooting in Garland, TX at a Muhammad cartoon contest earlier this week, event organizer and show contributor Pam Geller has been in the spotlight. On Hannity a representative of Islam eludes to her needing to pay the ultimate price for her "crimes"… thankfully, this is...
Former White House Press Secretary, Dana Perino , joins the show this morning to discuss her new book, "And The Good News Is: Lessons and Advice from the Bright Side". Perino is a rockrstar at her career, professionalism, making things happen and more. In her book she shares her...