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Wallace on Assad. Plus, he is REALLY not interested in the black whooper from Burger King.
Kennedy thinks that if a candidate hasn't gained traction yet, it's time to move on! She also wants to stroke Michael McDonald's beard. Photo courtesy PRPhotos.com
On one hand, the world is going to hell in a hand basket. On the other hand... the Cardinals just clinched the division!
Jamie fills Jim in about Memories Pizza (kind of) catering a gay wedding. Plus, Giuliani says foreign leaders LIKE Trump!
Genevieve re-hashes the Planned Parenthood hearings - and all that money flowing into the organization.
Economic weakness at home is contributing to an uncertain global market. Many financial advisers say - wait it out.
Kevin Jackson talks about the importance of being able to protect yourself, even at sporting events.
Former Navy Seal and founder of The Mission Continues (“a Missouri-based non-profit that helps returning veterans”), Eric Greitens , is running for governor of Missouri in the 2016 election. A self-proclaimed political outsider, Greitens believes he is exactly what this state...
The Gateway Pundit joins Jamie this morning to highlight some of the craziness from around the weekend. Who pelted Carly Fiorina with condoms? Why is Tom Brady on the liberal sh*t list? Find out answers to these questions and more below: