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Hardee's 15th Annual Heat Up St. Louis is taking place Friday, February 14th! St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger, always one to help the city, joins Jamie this morning to discuss the event + shares some insight into his new position:
Emily A. Heil, report with the Washington Post, joins Jamie this morning to discuss her article, "Why Won't Anyone Buy Monica Lewinsky's Nightie?" Why is anyone selling Monica's nightie? Find out below:
@JJCarafano in studio! We may have kept him a bit longer than his schedule alotted but he doesn't seem to mind. Did you know this guy's got a new book coming out? "Surviving the End" -- available February 16th! Why does Jim think Jamie would survive the zombie apocolypse? Find...
Let's go back to the 50's and remember the toys our parents let us play with - when we were allowed to be inside.
Todd, thank you for bringing these stories to our attention. If it wasn't for you, then they'd go unreported.
THE Donny Osmond on the show this morning with Jamie discusses the release of his newest album, "Soundtrack of My Life" . This album is the 60th of his career! His hard work ethic has led him this far... example? He called the show himself this morning! Hear him explain what it...
Wondering about Tesla? What's the deal with consumer protection? Why would the MADA file a lawsuit against the company? Missouri Senator Mike Kehoe (R-dist 6) joins Jamie this morning to discuss the alarms being raised when it comes to Tesla Motors . Did you know tax payers are...
Money Honey Maria Bartiromo joins Jamie this morning and speaks candidly about fellow "journalist" Brian Williams and the on-going reaction to his "misremembering".
It's not the right that started the anti vaccine debate, as evidenced by RFK Jr & Jenny McCarthy. The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes , Indecision Political Humor , The Daily Show on Facebook Here's Dr. Nepute to open the discussion: