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Ted Cruz has taken all 34 delegates in Colorado. Trump suspects foul play. Judge Napolitano joins the conversation:
Ed Martin joins Jamie this morning to discuss the local controversy surrounding Phyllis Schlafly's endorsement of Donald Trump.
It's here! That magical day we St. Louisan's rejoice! When the gates of Busch Stadium open and we kick off another year of Cards ball. Rob Rains with a preview:
Our dear friend and long-time fill-in, Marc Cox, is joining the weekday line-up! Congratulations Marc ! Let the COMMON SENSE continue:
Over the weekend Mayor Slay announced he will not be seeking re-election. Rodney Boyd joins the program to discuss who may or may not end up in the race:
The Most Awesome mom on the planet destroys cell phones as her three kids watch. She shoots and then sledge hammers whats left of the phones:
You may have made your way to your local caucus over the weekend. Hear what one female Trump support had to say about her experience:
Jamie and Jim Hoft discuss the following news and more: Pakistani Islamist Behind Mumbai Attacks Captured in Austria After Entering Europe as Refugee Terrific! Gov. Rick Scott Viral Video In Response to Verbal Assault by “Latte Liberal” (VIDEO) DISGUSTING! Colorado Trump...