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Pam Geller has been thrust into the spotlight after the shooting in Garland, TX over a ' draw Mohammad cartoon contest ' she organized. "If you stand for freedom, I mean really stand for freedom, uncompromisingly so, there's a price to pay..." Hear how her life has changed since...
Here's the first "interview" < Now Halperin has apologized. Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com
Judge Andrew Napolitano weighs in on the Department of Justice investigation launched in Baltimore after the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray at the hands of Baltimore city police sparks riots and mayhem . "In Baltimore it [DOJ investigation] specifically requested by the Mayor...
Entertaining and informative, Todd Starnes checks in for his regular hit. This week, Tom Brady punished for #deflategate and Todd brings a story about more controversy among the LGBT community regarding the scouts:
Dr. Tobler joins the program to weigh in on Michelle Obama's commencement address over the weekend. How does the Doc feel about Michelle's 'mistreatment' over the years? Hear the interview below:
Missouri Senator Mike Parson (R) - District 28 checks in this morning to discuss his run for Missouri Governor in 2016. Jamie also has the chance to clarify comments Sen. Parson made against John Hancock regarding the suicide of Auditor Schweich. Hear the interview below:
Missouri Speaker John Diehl joins the program this morning to discuss a few last minute house cleaning items as the session wraps up in Jeff City. One of the most debated issues is Right to Work. Find out how the Speaker feels about this particular piece of legislation and where...
The clock's ticking in Jefferson City, MO. It's the last week of session and Rodney Boyd ( Insider Talk ) joins the show to discuss policies and issues we need to keep an eye on:
The Cardinals finally get a night off and the Blues are planted in front of their televisions for play off season. Rob Rains with your sports news: