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Credit: Getty Images Why did Kennedy get into it with Gov. Bill Weld on her show last night? Find out in the interview below:
Credit: Getty Images The Gateway Pundit joins Jamie this morning with images and video of Bill Clinton getting handsy with a stewardess. Plus, Trump's leading in a LA Times poll and more. Hear their interview below:
Credit: Getty Images St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department Chief, Sam Dotson, surprises Jamie this morning on the heels of his announcement to run for mayor of the City of St. Louis. Surprise: Full Interview:
Credit: Getty Images Judge Napolitano enlightens us on the corruption going on with the FBI and politicians. "The more we learn about the irregularities in the FBI investigation with HRC the clearer it becomes that a decision was made from the outset to exonerate her no matter...
Credit: Getty Images Genevieve Wood speaks with Jamie about Right to Work and the insane amount of interruptions during the VP Debate. Listen to interview below:
Credit: Getty Images Doug Giles speaks with Jamie about "The Duke Men's Project" that was launched this month. Dipro Bhowmik, who sits on the leadership team, recently said the goal of the Duke Men’s Project is for male students to “critique and analyze their own masculinity and...
Credit: Getty Images MO GOP Chairman John Hancock has his own predictions of what will happen tonight at the VP debate. "What you are going to see tonight is Mike Pence, a strong leader who's knowledgeable on a number of issues, vs. Tim Kaine who is kind of a light weight,"...
Credit: Getty Images The vice presidential debate is taking place tonight in Farmville, VA. Hear Brian and Jamie discuss what to expect. Also, Brian's book "Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates" is now available in paperback. Pre-order your copy, here!
Credit: Getty Images Todd Starnes joins the show pre-VP debate. He also brings an update of the marching band at East Carolina University who was booed for pulling the ole 'take a knee' during the national anthem.