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CREDIT: Getty Images Jamie and Brian Kilmeade discuss Hillary's health and the "presser?" on her airplane. Kilmeade says he's not one to talk about a candidates health but, "If it was John McCain against Barrack Obama they'd be all over [McCain's age and health]."...
CREDIT: Getty Images The couragous Phyllis Schlafly passed away yesterday at the age of 92. Rest in peace Mrs. Schlafly, you will be missed. Jamie spoke with close friend of Mrs. Schlafly, Ed Martin. Ed noted that her 27th and final book is being released today. A bitter sweet...
Jay Stewart speaks with Jamie about Right To Work and the effects it can have on our economy. Hear the interview below:
Credit: Getty Images Peter Vaccaro joins the show to discuss this year's St. Nicholas Greek Festival ! Hear interview below:
Fox News Sunday 's Chris Wallace reacts to Donald Trump's visit with the president of Mexico (no Vincente Fox) and his immigration speech that followed.
Trump Announces New Special Deportation Task Force — May Even Deport Hillary Clinton! (VIDEO) Tom Tancredo to #NeverTrumpers: If You Do Not Support Trump You Are Not a Patriot!… America is at Stake! (VIDEO) LIKE A BOSS=> Trump Tells Mexican Audience ‘We Will Talk About Who... Sen. Jim Talent shares his thoughts on Trump's meeting with the president of Mexico and his immigration speech that followed. "If you could just read this speech and suspend your mind from everything you've heard about immigration in the last five years, it's just... Interested in the hype surrounding the film Suicide Squad ? Our dear friend Carl “the intern” Middleman stops by the studio for a movie review!
Meet Mark Milton , candidate for Missouri state representative of the 90th district. Follow Mark on twitter: @MarkMiltonMO and check out his interview with Jamie below: