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Nick Schroer is in studio with Jamie discussing his run for State Rep and his strong beliefs in the Second Amendment. Hear the interview below: Check out Nick Shroer's Official Website here . Follow Nick @NickBSchroer
Genevieve Wood speaks with Jamie about President Obama's remarks from the Dallas Memorial service. President Obama seemed to make the memorial all about himself and lost touch of the true meaning of the service. Hear the interview below:
American former professional wrestler and 38th Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura , talks with Jamie about his new book, "S--- Politicians Say." "Back in the book, we go back to the Founding Fathers and I think you're going to be astounded at some of the quotes and some...
Should #BlackLivesMatter be labeled a terrorist organization? Constitutional conservative, Judge Napolitano , says absolutely not, "This is free speech. If someone listens to your speech and engages in an act of violence, you are not liable for that. Unless you commanded the...
John Brunner joins Jamie in studio to discuss his Can't Be Bought Tour and the new polls that came out about the 2016 Missouri Governors Race. Hear the interview below: Check out John Brunner behind the scenes in studio with Jamie!
Todd Starnes catches up with Jamie about the Dallas shootings and the courageous acts of officers throwing themselves infront of citizens to save their lives. Hear the interview below:
Jay Stewart talks with Jamie about our second amendment rights and the shootings in Dallas. Hear the interview below: ABC coverage of the shootings in Dallas:
Rob Rains catches us up with what's going on in the 2016 Olympics and the all star games. Hear the interview below:
Rodney Boyd speaks with Jamie about the new Missouri Scout poll showing Greitens leading the govenors race . One of the most interesting aspects was the high number of undecided votes. Hear the interview below: