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Jamie responds to the presidents economic address focusing on corporate taxation. CLICK HERE to watch full address.
Jamie's back and we love it! And of course, he has stories. Tales. Nearly avoiding almost certain peril on more than one occasion this trip and more...
Jamie and Jimmy discuss the hottest topics of the day including boy scouts held at gun point!?
Illinois must be proud.... Congressional coyote Luis Gutierrez reveals the truth about amnesty…that "we" can "get" a number of people. (:20 let me its say...)
Jamie and Aiden got stuck on the Goofy ride at Disney Land this past week. Immediately after riding the California Screamin' this happened... PRphotos.com
Tim Jones speaks to Ann Wagner about Russia and border control.
Senator Roy Blunt discusses pertenant state issues with Speaker Jones while also touching on the crisis overseas.
Senator Jim Talent explains the escalating conflict in the Middle East and the administrations short comings on the matter.