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An anonymous St. Louis County police officer sends Jamie a gift for his support of law enforcement as MSM and local politicians demonize the image of police.
Jamie and Jim discuss the continuation of the issues in Ferguson. A pro-Wilson rally ignites more controversy and somebody named Russell Brand runs his mouth...
Jimmy Carafano has the low down on the terrorist group ISIS that has been making the news for their heinous acts of violence world-wide. Who are they, how do they stack up to other terrorist groups, and how is Obama handling representing our nation in response?
Lt. Governor Kinder has been one of the biggest critics of the catastrophic mishandling of Ferguson by Governor Nixon. He joins Jamie to talk about events, motive and ultimate outcome:
Jamie and Jimmy discuss updates from the Ferguson case. A fake coroner, a white-liberal guiltest gets beat up and more!
John, a Ferguson police officer, called this morning to share what's going on from the law enforcement perspective in Ferguson. John also claims to have met Wilson on multiple occasions and can speak to his character: