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St. Louis has been the focus of national attention and scrutiny since the shooting death of Michael Brown last night. This is an interesting interview as Jamie gets a chance to clear up some of the MSM confusion:
Jamie, level headed as he is, has remained objective in the case of Michael Brown in Ferguson. Looting and violent-rioting are unaccetable. Period. However, that is the only thing the Allman and the Morning crew has committed to as fact. Everything else is pending a federal...
Long time supporter of the show Richard Winter of Gardenview Care Center happens to be an avid art collector. So much that his collection will be featured at the St. Louis Museum of Art 8.15-10.12!
Tim McCarver joins Jamie to talk one of Jamie's favorite things... baseball! McCarver spanning the decades of baseball and broadcast history regales all with his tales!
Jamie reviews the events that took place last night in the aftermath of a vigil held for 18-year-old Michael Brown who was shot and killed by a St. Louis County PO in Ferguson on Saturday.
In the aftermath of the riots and looting last night, Jay Stewart shares his feelings.