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"At the very least, we should secure an area in Syria for these refugees to go..."
"I don't have a crystal ball, but I know our military, We could be doing better than what we are doing now and that's directly because of our President."
Obama (on foreign soil) says the GOP is "afraid of widows & orphans."
We changed our name to "The Student Board of Sophisticated Synergy Coalition / The Movement to Enlighten All!"
We started a new Facebook-like website for conservatives. Go find me at TeaPartyCommunity.com and find me as a friend!
Genevieve Wood and Jamie discuss the difficulty of blocking Syrian refugees per state. We currently have over 30 Governor's who've pledged to block refugees from settling in their respective state. Wood points out however, once refugees are in the United States there will be...
Pamela Geller was disgusted by our administrations actions in the aftermath of last week’s terror attacks in Paris. Geller also notes we have a long history with Saudi Arabia and that may not be a good thing. "They were in the caves there before we came along with our technology...