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A special thanks to John Powel Walsh for bringing in such great talent & donuts! Happy St. Patty's Day:
Todd Starnes takes a break from the St. Patty's Day festivities in NYC to discuss the furthering developement of anti-patriotism in Ervine, CA. Heaven forbid colleges in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA don the AMERICAN FLAG. Check it out:
Jennifer Psaki one of the tandem jail bait state department spokes-twins is tasked with answering a tough question about Hillary’s separation agreement by which she agrees to turn over all emails... turns out Hillary is nothing special but special enough to not have records...
Friend and hero Eric Greitens of Mission Continues joins Jamie this morning to promote his new book, "Resilience". The book centers on Greitens' friend who is suffering from PTSD. In a series of letters corresponding with his friend, Greitens' documents a path to recovery...
Ferguson Mayor James Knowles joins Jamie this morning with breaking developments from the streets of Ferguson. How does his wearing clothes come into play you ask? Hear interview below:
Maria Bartiromo joined Jamie this morning to discuss all things markets. This week... Russia. Where the heck is Putin? How will this affect the markets in the US? Here's what Maria thinks:
Coming next week to Lindenwood with Grover Norquist, it's Ralph Nader! Click here to register to win VIP tickets.
Josh Hawley of Missouri Liberty Project - King v. Burwell is the Supreme Court case regarding Obamacare. The case was scheduled for oral arguments last week. Josh submitted a brief in the case, and is able to offer insight into what the case could mean for Missouri.