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Hallmark is under fire for a mishap (?) in their wrapping paper print... Ridiculous? We think so! Here's the scoop:
Seven pages of TIME talking about the struggle of selecting TIME's person of the year. Just how did they make the ground breaking decision... yeah we don't care. Nobody cares about TIME.. unless you do... then... ' CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE
The Show Me Institute’s', Joseph Miller joined Jamie this morning to discuss the proposed toll on I-70. On its face a toll would just be another way for the state to grab money from citizens to make up for excessive gov't spending. However, Miller points out there are ways to...
Authors of the book "The Science of Fitness: Power, Performance and Endurance".
Jamie talks about the audio that ended up being vital evidence in the grand jury hearings.
Jamie talks to Rep. Ann Wagner about the CIA report and what it means for our security.
Jamie talks to Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder about the Ferguson Commission and creating a non-Governement way to revitalize the community.
Jamie talks about the attack on a Bosnian woman in STL, Jeb Bush, and shares a video of a 14 week old.
Jamie and Rodney talk about the upcoming Nixon hearings.