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"The similarities are just amazing when you look at what's going on in Britain and what's going on in America," Straight from the "Money-Honey" hear how and why the markets are reacting to Britain's decision to leave the EU.
"I agree with Great Britain's concerns that some of the ways that the EU works maybe problematic for their immigration security," Jamie catches up with Jay Stewart on Brexit and some of the down falls of the political leaders in America.
Sarah Huckabee has joined the Brunner campaign senior political advisor. Sarah Huckabee joins Jamie in studio to talk about growing up as the daughter of Mike Huckabee, her support for the Trump campaign and her advising of the John Brunner camp. "Governors have a much bigger...
Jamie talks with Rodney Boyd about the 2016 Missouri Governor's Race.
Jamie speaks with Jim Hoft on NFL player Herschel Walker being blacklisted for supporting Trump. Hear full interview below: More from the GatewayPundit: NFL Great Herschel Walker: I’ve Been Blackballed for Supporting Trump… But Will Keep Supporting Him Mizzou Interim President:...
Listener Ross called Jamie today to tell us about his visit to where the Democrats were writing their National platform. His highlight was meeting Jamie's grade school girlfriend, Debbie.
Saturday, June 25th marks the 150th Anniversary of Benton Park and kicks off the 2016 Benton Park event series. This free event features twelve bands, local art, food trucks, kids stuff and more! Event organizer, Dan Guenther, with more information on this family-friendly...
JJ Carafano shares his opinions on Britain's decision to exit the EU. As Jim always says, "I do policy not politics," however, when asked what President Obama will say about Brexit, "if he's smart - nothing."
Stacy chimes in on the Brexit vote, affirmative action and education. Hear her interview with Tim below: