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Rodney Boyd catches us up to speed on some of the hot button issues in Jeff City prior to the General Municipal Election Day tomorrow:
Based on Current Situation=> Ted Cruz Will Be Knocked Out of Race By April 26th NY Times Columnist David Brooks: I Hope When Donald Trump Goes to Hades He Knows He’s History’s Biggest Loser (VIDEO) VIDEO=> Actor SCOTT BAIO Speaks Out on his Support for Donald Trump Obama,...
Kennedy weighs in on Trump's answer to Chris Matthew's 'punishment for abortion' question:
Our friend, Daywalker, was on this morning to promote his charity dart tournament and preview his newest album. Event details: Friday, April 1st Shamrocks in St. Peters $100 cash prize For information on how to sign up call Kyle at 636-939-2000. Hear Daywalker's interview below:
Judge Nap taking time out on a special day to chat about the Fields-Lewandowski feud. He says she's out of her tree if she thinks charges will stick. Hear the interview below: