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"If Paul Ryan and company still have issues, I think that it would have been a lot better to just deal with these issues privately... don't go on the major media and say 'oh i still have a problem'... how about picking up the phone and calling Donald Trump," says Maria .
With Ted Cruz out of the picture (and Kasich, yep he was still in); The Black Sphere thinks it may be time to rally around the probable nominee. Hear interview
It's been one year since the shooting at a, ' Draw the Muslim Prophet Mohammed ' event in Garland, TX. Our friend Pamela Geller was hosting the event. Brave law enforcement officers were able to stop the gunman before innocent lives were lost, however, the emotional scars of...
Lt. Governor Peter Kinder spoke with Jamie on The Allman Report last night. Is SJR39 dead in the Missouri House? Hear their conversation below: