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Jamie ran into the mighty- Max Foizey last night at a special showing of The Jungle Book. Hear what they thought of the film:
Another Fox News rockstar, Jesse Watters , joins Jamie this morning! Could he be our newest 'regular'? We sure hope so!
Jeff Hansen's sister, Debbie McFarland, joined the program to discuss this weekends memorial event: Who: Lindenwood University Shotgun Sports What: Inaugural Jeff Hansen Memorial Sporting Clays Classic When: April 15, 2016; Practice area opens at 11 a.m., registration at 1 p.m...
Ted Cruz has taken all 34 delegates in Colorado. Trump suspects foul play. Judge Napolitano joins the conversation:
Ed Martin joins Jamie this morning to discuss the local controversy surrounding Phyllis Schlafly's endorsement of Donald Trump.
It's here! That magical day we St. Louisan's rejoice! When the gates of Busch Stadium open and we kick off another year of Cards ball. Rob Rains with a preview:
Our dear friend and long-time fill-in, Marc Cox, is joining the weekday line-up! Congratulations Marc ! Let the COMMON SENSE continue:
Over the weekend Mayor Slay announced he will not be seeking re-election. Rodney Boyd joins the program to discuss who may or may not end up in the race: