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Credit:Chip Somodevilla /GettyImages Jamie speaks with Genevieve Wood about Mike Pence terrific speech at Heritage last night as well as Trump's North Carolina "Thank You" Rally. Listen to interview below: Video of kKm34HUt5f8
Photo by Yana Paskova/Getty Images Jamie is joined by Judge Napolitano for a discussion on this ridiculous recount and it's projected outcome. Plus, "Hamilton Electors" and why we don't care. Video of W7fNsLgTJbY
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images Video of pV0ugFdc5fI Read these stories and more at !
Credit:Sean Gallup /Getty Images Jamie speaks with Pam Geller about the so-called "fake news" sites and how it is dangerous for Facebook, Google and others to be determining what is fake or what is real. "Now that the left is completely out of power, they have nothing to do but...
Credit:Gabriella Demczuk /Getty Images Jamie speaks with Rodney Boyd on the 400 pieces of legislation pre-filed for 2017. They also discuss one of the biggest bills of 2016 which is right to work. Listen to interview below: Video of 9yJ8-M8rYgE
Photo by Justin Merriman/Getty Images STLToday's Aisha Sultan posts a piece aimed at 'educating' students on how to decipher fake news. Funny, she doesn't site her sources... Video of VOgU85wDNLQ
The great Dr. Corey Solman, Jr. joins Jamie to discuss all things orthopedics sports medicine, spinal care AND politics. We’re excited and proud to welcome Dr. Solman to the Allman in the Morning family! So excited, in fact, that Jamie help him hostage! Video of AEbMPNWdEP0...
Credit:Terry Wyatt /Getty Images Jamie speaks with the one and only John Oates about the release of his new Christmas single and collaboration with The Time Jumpers, "Santa Be Good To Me." Listen to interview below: Video of gD77qFlHsoE Listen to "Santa Be Good To Me" Video of...
Credit:Scott Olson /Getty Images Listen to interview below: Video of 6oO64B8mLOo