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Pamela Geller speaks with Jamie about the ISIS recruiter arrested in North Carolina being a ring leader in the Garland, Texas shootings. Hear the interview below:
RECENT mysterious deaths surrounding the Clinton's are a cause for concern. "Chilling," says Giles. RELATED: BREAKING: Two More of Hillary’s Enemies ‘Mysteriously’ Found Dead Hear Jamie and Doug's discussion below:
Judge Napolitano runs us through the American history of taxation and over regulation that has ultimately led to a $20 trillion dollar national debt. "When the public treasury becomes the public trough, people will only send to Washington those who promise to bring back the...
Board of Alderman President, Lewis Reed , joins Jamie this morning to announce his run for mayor of St. Louis! Reed says he's excited about this adventure, "I'm really looking forward to getting across the city, meeting residence; whether you're a voter or not I want to meet you...
Is Paul Ryan in trouble? Todd Starnes doesn't think so but he does think Hillary's health may be. Hear Todd and Jamie discuss today's primaries, Hillary's health, Trumps tax plan (and anticipated release of return) & more. Yes, there is a brief story about unicorns used as a...
Rob Rains speaks with Jamie about the Rio 2016 Olympics and Cardinals Baseball. Hear the interview below:
Jay Stewart speaks with Jamie about Libertarian Party nominee for President of the United States Gary Johnson. Hear the interview below:
Rodney Boyd speaks with Jamie about Eric Greitens and if he can make it as the GOP Missouri Governor as an outsider. Hear the interview below: