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Credit: Mark Wilson /Getty Images Stacy fills in for Jamie and speaks with Rachel Sutherland from Fox about Trump's economic plan. "The issue is (Obama) was below expectation for creating jobs as President and the expectation for Trump as President-Elect to create jobs is zero...
Credit:Mark Wallheise/Getty Images Tim speaks with KJ about Obama teasing Trump saying he would need a magic wand to get what he wants done but it seems like Trump actually has one, it's just simply being a good leader. Listen to interview below:
Credit: Drew Angerer /Getty Images Tim speaks with Boris Epshteyn, Director of Communications for Presidential Inaugural Committee, about the Presidential inauguration Jan. 20th, 2017. Listen to interview below:
Credit: Chip Somodevilla /Getty Images Tim Jones speaks with Rep. Paul Curtman on President Obama's decision to not veto the U.N. resolution on Israel settlements as well as big things Curtman would like to see get done in MO legislation for 2017. Watch interview below: Part 2:
Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images Todd Starnes takes time out of the holiday haze to speak with Stacy. Unfortunately, we're use to Todd reporting a "war on religion". In Christmas miracle fashion, today Todd has a piece on a cross RESTORED to it's rightful place on one town's...
Credit: Larry Busacca /Getty Images Tim Jones, in for Jamie, speaks with Rodney Boyd on Greiten's next moves as Gov. of Missouri in 2017 and the upcoming session. Listen to interview below:
Credit: Craig Barritt /Getty Images Tim Jones speaks with Sen. Bob Onder about Governor-Elect Greitens taking office in 2017 as well as Right to Work. Listen to interview below:
Credit: Stephen Brashear /Getty Images Jamie speaks with Maria Bartiromo about Trump's strategy meeting with Boeing CEO as well as Lockheed executives after assailing them on jet costs. Listen to interview below:
Credit: Michele Tantussi /Getty Images Jamie speaks with Jim Carafano about the Berlin terrorist being killed in Italy after shooting an officer in the shoulder. "I'm really sick of everyone saying the term 'lone wolf'...They are trying to sell us that they can't do anything...