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Photo by Ron Hoskins/Getty Images Genevieve Wood joins Jamie this morning to discuss the Rachel Maddow Trump tax release fail . Genevieve wonders if it's actually possible that Maddow didn't realize what was in the tax documents before she reported on them. Was there supposed to...
Photo by John W. Adkisson/Getty Images Jamie welcomes Kevin Jackson to discuss Rachel Maddow's Trump tax release fail . KJ reiterates President Trump's masterful control over the media cycle. Hear their interview below:
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Walt Disney Studios Doug Giles joins Jamie this morning to discuss the controversy surrounding Disney's Beauty and the Beast.
Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images Judge Napolitano joins Jamie this morning with some intriguing and terrifying information regarding the possibility of the Obama administration 'wiretapping' Trump Tower. Judge Napolitano explains why the GCHQ (General Communications...
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Can the CBO be trusted? There are certainly flaws in Speaker Ryan's health care plan but what now? Dr. Tobler joins Jamie to discuss:
Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images Don't miss your chance to see Todd Starnes LIVE in St. Louis, Thursday, April, 6th ! Hear Jamie and Todd discuss this week's craziness and the upcoming event.
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images The Gateway Pundit joins Jamie this morning with reports of strife at a White House press briefing. Hear their interview below:
Credit: Michael Thomas / Stringer Jamie speaks with Rodney Boyd on the 'traditional' media creating their own narratives on why Gov. Greitens will not do interviews. Also, we get updates from the 2017 Mayoral Race. Listen below:
Photo by Erik S. Lesser-Pool/Getty Images Jamie and Jim Carafano discuss what's really going on with the wiretapping allegations, WikiLeak-leaks, unsubstantiated (see what we did there) ties to Russia and so much more: