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Austin Petersen joins Jamie in studio to discuss his campaign to run for US Senate and his strategies to get Claire McCaskill out of Washington! Watch below: Video of Austin Petersen Check out Jamie and Austin on Facebook LIVE: Follow...
Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call Jamie breaks down the downfall of Obamacare and what the future holds for health care in 2018. Listen below:
Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images for New York Comedy Festival Dumb and dumber over here have no idea that Ukraine was colluding with the DNC:
Rep. Paul Curtman will potentially challenge Sen. Claire McCaskill in next year's US Senate race. Video of Rep. Paul Curtman Launching Exploratory Committee for 2018 US Senate Run
Photo by Cheriss May/NurPhoto via Getty Images Kevin Jackson thinks Trump Jr. did nothing wrong with setting up a meeting with a Russian attorney because it’s part of the ‘politics game.’ Listen to interview below:
Photo by Paul Warner/Getty Images In terms of Gilligan’s Island, you’re either Mary Ann or Ginger. Jamie’s always been Mary Ann. That’s why he’s a little nervous when he speaks with Dawn Wells of Gilligan’s Island. They take a walk down memory lane before they preview Wells’ new...
Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images Governor Eric Greitens is working with Mayor Krewson and the city of St. Louis to make safety a priority. Hear his interview with Jamie below:
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images Todd Starnes joins Jamie to discuss one very distinct difference between President Trump and President Obama . Todd is also working on a piece called, “Animals Gone Wild”.
Photo credit should read TIM SLOAN/AFP/Getty Images Jamie welcomes Austin Petersen , fresh off his announcement to run for US Senate in 2018! Petersen points out, “Ronald Reagan said explicitly, ‘Libertarianism is the heart and soul of conservatism.’ I’ve always identified with...