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Photo by Aaron P. BernsteinGetty Images It seems the women's march wasnt so peaceful and inclusive as it claimed to be. Jamie speaks to Jim Hoft about the exclusive abortion march aka the "women's march" as well as the D-list celebs using their platform to bash trump his first...
Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images Sen. Jim Talent joins Stacy Washington to discuss tomorrows inauguration celebration and what we should be looking for in the coming weeks.
Photo by Rod Lamkey/Getty Images There is an effort to pass resolutions in Missouri to leverage Article V for a Constitutional Convention. Citizens for Self-Governance President, Mark Meckler joins Stacy to discuss:
Credit: Randy Shropshire / Stringer Jamie speaks with Kevin Jackson on Snoop Dogg daring ‘Uncle Tom’ Black People to perform at Trump Inaugural and Marc Lamont Hill's "mediocre negroes" comment. Listen to interview below:
Credit: Spencer Platt / Staff Jamie speaks with Senator Roy Blunt on what to expect for the Trump inauguration and the media's fantasy of no one showing up. Listen to interview below:
Credit: Pool / Pool The anxiety of the media continues as the inauguration of Trump comes closer and closer. Jamie speaks with Pamela Geller on the mission of the mainstream media which seems to be to destroy the Trump team one way or another. They also discuss Loretta Lynch...
Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images Jamie welcomes Rob Rains to discuss all things sports related.
Local favorite, Henry Davis, joins Jamie this morning to discuss his feelings on Steve Harvey catching heat for his meeting with Donald Trump. Check out Henry's latest Facebook video here: Here's the picture of Henry and Wainwright he discussed in the interview above:
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images Judge Napolitano says the Inspector General of the Justice Dept. is now going to investigate the manner in which Comey investigated Hillary Clinton. His first thought was, “hallelujah,” but then he thought are we really going to re-investigate the...