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Photo by John Moore/Getty Images Kathy O'Connor, Executive Director of USO Missouri , joins Jamie this morning to preview Exodus 2016. "Exodus is when the trainees from Fort Leonard Wood go home for the holidays," says Kathy. Preview the excitement below:
Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images Another act of terror. This time in Berlin, Germany. As Jamie has pointed out, Germany's lack of pride and nationalism has made them a target for radical jihad. Todd and Jamie both point out that Europe was the birth place of Christianity and is...
Credit: Mark Makela /Getty Images Jamie speaks with good friend and wonderful reporter Jason Whitely on his story that revealed Texas elector Chris Suprun as a fraud. Suprun lied about being a first responder in 9/11. Listen to interview below:
Credit:Mark Makela /Getty Images Jamie speaks with Rodney Boyd about the harassment of electoral college voters to vote for anyone but Trump. Listen to interview below:
Credit: Sean Gallup /Getty Images Jamie speaks with Jim Hoft about the exposed fraud of elector Chris Surpan as well as Facebook using left-wing sources to decide what is "fake news." Watch video below:
Credit: Drew Angerer /Getty Images Jamie speaks with JJ Carafano about the Russian hacking and Russia, China & Iran in a full panic because soon Trump will be in and Obama will be out. Listen to interview below:
Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images Chris Wallace joins Jamie fresh off his interview with Donald Trump. They talk fake news, Russian hacking, electors and more.
Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images Kennedy joins Jamie this morning to discuss the electoral college and more specifically the electors talking about changing their vote.
Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images Jamie and Jim discuss this story and more: From : FAKE HATE: Muslim College Student Arrested After Lying About Subway Attack by Trump Supporters Pelosi Daughter EXPLODES on FBN Host: “I’m Getting Death Threats! Don’t Put...