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Former editor of the New York Time's, Ed Klein, joins the show this morning to discuss his newest book, "Unlikeable: The Problem With Hillary." Klein highlights sections of the book and is completely transparent about his sources. CLICK HERE TO VIEW KLEINS BOOK ON AMAZON He also...
Rob and Jamie discuss the upcoming post season. Whichever team the Cards face -the Cubs or the Pirates- it's sure to be a tough match up!
Jay and Jamie discuss the dangers that would be included if Syria was declared a no-fly zone.
John Brunner joined Jamie in-studio to announce his run for Governor of Missouri!
Jim and Jamie go over the New York Times article on Melania Trump that had to be corrected FIVE times.
At the Saint Louis Science Center is the Ripley's Believe It or Not Exhibit. Jamie sized up the Alton Giant's shoes.
Wallace on Assad. Plus, he is REALLY not interested in the black whooper from Burger King.