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Credit: Getty Images Maria Bartiromo discusses the upcoming debate and the guests coming on her show, Sunday Morning Futures. Listen to the interview below:
Credit: Getty Images Stacy on the right has her popcorn ready to watch Hillary become unhinged as we get closer and closer to election day. Washington discusses Hillary's 'Between Two Ferns' interview, health issues and the thousands of people who show up to Trump rallies...
Credit: Getty Images On the heels of Monday's first presidential debate, many questions are swirling. Will Lester Holt stay neutral? Will Hillary be able to walk back her "deplorables" comment? Will Trump keep his cool? Jesse Watters' joins the show to discuss!
Credit: Getty Images Trump's poll numbers are increasing and the Gateway Pundit thinks they'll keep rising.
Credit: Getty Images Jamie has some great advice for Donald Trump on the heels of Monday's first presidential debate. When asked to respond the Hillary's deplorable comment, he should refuse to adopt her derogatory language about his supporters in general then tell racist-bigots...
Credit: Getty Images Jim Talent takes a break from foreign policy to discuss the liberal leanings of educators in undergraduate programs across America. Hear the discussion below:
Credit: Getty Images Foreign policy expert, Jim Carafano , joins Jamie to discuss the acts of terror in New York and New Jersey. Were these acts part of a bigger threat? Probably. But what and how may the threat manifest from here? Hear Jamie and Jim's discussion below:
Credit: Getty Images Kevin Jackson speaks with Jamie about Hillary's health issues. The question is, will she be physically fit to withstand this election cycle? "Hillary Clinton will not be physically fit to stand this rigorous election because of her lying and the cover-ups,"...
Credit: Getty Images The great Kennedy is back on #AITM! She discusses the media's negative coverage of Trump's campaign and Ahmad Khan Rahami, the suspect in the NJ/NY bombings. Listen to interview below: