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Passing of TV Pioneer and WWII Aviator

RIP Leo Tevlin

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The remarkable Life of a St. Louis Television Pioneer, is over.

Leo J. Tevlin died overnight at age 94. 


A Native St. Louisan who, at age 5, witnessed Charles Lindbergh fly over downtown  for an awaiting parade crowd.  Leo Tevlin would later become an Aviator himself serving in World War II and Korea as a Naval fighter pilot flying 77 missions.


Tevlin was inducted into the St. Louis Media Hall of Fame in 2016 for his pioneering work as a Chief Engineer in helping to launch three television stations here.  A cameraman for CBS’ 1st network televised MLB Game of the Week  series with Dizzy Dean & Pee-Wee Reese.  Tevlin worked on network coverage of the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo space programs and later became part of the nations 1st E-N-G news gathering operation transitioning from Film clips in Newscasts to video tape & Live shot technology and paving the way for today’s news gathering method used  worldwide.


As one of the oldest living Amateur Radio Operators - licensed in 1934- (Ham Radio) Leo Tevlin help the Catholic Church with its missionary work & expansion into South America.  Fittingly, his call letters were  W-ZERO-TV .


After helping KSD-TV ch.5 become St. Louis first TV station, Tevlin launched KACY-TV, a short lived Dumont Network station and then KWK-TV ch.4 which became CBS Owned KMOX-TV ch.4 where he retired in 1985 having worked for CBS Television for better than 40 years.


Leo’s daughter Amy Myers followed his footsteps and worked in-studio at ch.4 and his son Lou Tevlin, was a TV & Radio Sportscaster in St. Louis and now a

 MLB Player-Agent based in Atlanta.


Before convalescing, Leo Tevlin lived in Ladue, a widower and father of eight children.  Arrangements are pending but a memorial service & Mass is expected at the Old Cathedral next week.


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