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Jamie's Front Yard is a Christmas Party!

Got it in before the rain and wind !
I had a whole weekend to roll with my hearts delight into my joyous plastic lighted wonderland.

Very few things younger than 30 here as my vintage Santa choir expanded and fat bulbs reigned .

My favorite additions this year are gifts from our dear friend Elyra Figueroa Espana whose family honored me with a few of her late mother's gems.

My lifelong goal of the rooftop Santa display this year featured three new reindeer from her parents' collection .

I purposely left one reindeer to be lit only by the light of the moon to remind us of all who are missing but here in spirit .

This is especially sentimental since the reason I love the plastic lighted Christmas is because it reminds me of the Christmas Eve drive to my Grandma Ida's house in Overland where I marveled at the warm decorations in anticipation of Christmas and my Grandma's sweet smiling face . I knew that's what I wanted when I grew up . I also knew I wanted to give that to my children too.

Since then I gathered as much as I could throughout the years and probably had about four or five when Ethan and Katie were little. I am thankful that my mother in law Kathleen Fellin never passed a plastic Santa by for me .

Every year I am immersed in the yard get up , shocked that everything works , amazed by the magic of extension cords and hearty light bulbs , and thankful for being able to live my Christmas dream .

And final approval from the babies' Elf on the Shelf (and now he has a sister!?) seals the deal .

Wishing you all a blessed , joyous and dream fulfilling Christmas season !

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