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Missouri lawmakers will hold a hearing today to discuss ways to curb the influx of Syrian refugees to Missouri. Rodney Boyd has the story: via The Kansas City Star, "Missouri lawmakers holding public hearing on Syrian refugees"
Kasich says there is no way Trump will be the GOP nominee. He then refuses to answer if he'd support Trump in the event his prediction is wrong. He also gives Raddatz the 'you people' snub on Trump coverage:
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Megyn Kelly continues the nitpick media onslaught on every republican word leaving dems unchallenged... seems the best way for dems to win is just avoid being on Fox News:
Turkish muslim pieces of crap assassinate Russian airmen with help of Syrian rebels: - Footage emerges of alleged killing of two Russian plilots by Turkmen gunfire Turk-Muslim garbage over Russian airman's body...honestly... you want your children to hear this...