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Sen. Dr. Bob Onder talks to guest host Tim Jones about transgender restrooms and our second amendment rights.
Jim Carafano speaks with guest host Tim Jones about Obama claiming world leaders are nervous because of Trump.
Stacy Washington talks to guest host Tim Jones about the Black Lives Matter movement and if it is making the US more dangerous.
"... Right to work is our key policy issue for the year, in order for Missouri to get working again and for the economic engine to get moving, we've gotta become a right to work state," Bev Randles
510 Dont Fence Me In - David Byrne 520 Cold War Kids: "First" 535 Symphonies - Dan Black 555 Justin Timberlake: "Mirrors" 610 Nelly: "Just a Dream" 620 Coldplay: "Adventure of a Lifetime" 635 The 1975: "Chocolate" 650 Cole Swindell: "Let me See Ya Girl" 710 Foals: "Mountain At...
The Gateway Jamie talks to Jim Hoft, the Gateway Pundit about how MSNBC praises protesters, Pocahontas & Tom Cotton going after Harry Reid.
520 National Anthem – Carrie Underwood 510 Don’t Fence Me In – David Byrne 522 No Surrender – Bruce Springsteen 535 Sell it to You – Bronze Radio Return 553 There is – Box Car Racer 610 Aquaris/Let The Sunshine In (The Flesh Failures) – The 5th Dimension 638 Amber – 311 710...