Meteors & Asteroids
Posted 2/15/2013 9:50:00 AM

Fun show today! Hope you got a chance to tune-in! (If not, CLICK HERE to download the podcasts.) If we could just get Al Sharpton to can it on the Rubio water bottle fiasco- or just get him to can it in general. Ann Coulter says woman can’t run for office, the carnival cruisers claim psychological damage (instability), and Steven Colbert makes a great point whether he meant to or not. Joe Holleman from the post was in today. He and Jamie had a chance to discuss the misspelling of ‘university’ on the latest MSU gear. Fun, fun, fun. Here’s to hoping for a great weekend!! 

Music from Today’s Show
Anthem – The Fray
5:22- Summer in Paris – Anggun/Cam
5:37- AKA… What A Life! – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds
5:48- Dog Days – Florence and the Machine
6:37- Stellar - Incubus
6:48- Rebound - Pomeroy
7:37- Hard Knock Life - Annie
7:48- Not Your Fault - Awolnation
8:22- The Great American Nightmare – Rob Zombie
8:37-  There Is A Mountain - Donovan
8:48- Don’t Fence Me In – David Byrne (Theme)

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