Smoke and Mirror
Posted 2/13/2013 10:10:00 AM

If you caught the SOTU last night you've probably already formulated an opinion of President Obama's performance.  I think it's worth mentioning (again) this man is a great public speaker.  If I wasn't listening to what he was actually saying, I probably could have gotten behind him.  Fortunately, I heard it. As he calls for a raise in minium wage and free preschool for everyone you have to ask yourself, where is this money coming from?  His pocket? Nope. Mine. Yours. 

He wrapped things up last night with "...deserves a vote." The ... represents the handful of gun victims he used as what Jamie correctly label as "props".  I'm sure that these people truly felt valued as they were "honored".  But as the woman in the video has realized, Obama's sympathy doesn't necessicarly mean anything. She played that roll in Obama's first SOTU adress and here's her story.  Smoke and mirrors.

Music from Today’s Show
US Navy Band - The Star Spangled Banner
5:22- Living Proof - Bruce Springsteen
5:37- Wicked As It Seems - Keith Richards
5:48- London in the Rain - Variety Lab
6:37- Symphanies - Dan Black
6:48- Caldonia - Louis Jordan
7:37- Shake It - Metro Station
7:48- Middle of Nowhere - Hot Hot Heat
8:22- The General Specific - Band of Horses
8:37- Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare - Matt & Kim
8:48- Lovers In Japan - Coldplay

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