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Posted 2/7/2013 9:43:00 AM



ROADS! Ha. So we all know the stigma surrounding Fox News.  Apparently, if we trust FN as a source it makes us all old ‘frightened’ white guys soon to die off.  Check out this clip from the Huff Po on Fox’s credibility.  Now I’m not going to take sides here… but as a well-educated young woman I’m slightly offended.   I have to say the frightened bit isn’t necessarily inaccurate.  I am frightened by a society who jumps down the throats of conservatives for even thinking of having an opinion while allowing Karen Finney to call Republican’s “crazy crackers” without even batting a lash.

It’s amazing with all of the progressivism that is our day and age that those who claim to be the most forward thinking are the one’s pointing fingers and assigning labels.  Double standards.  Always.  I guess we already knew that but come on people. Just because you don’t agree with a source (mind you there’s a few on the list I can’t get behind) doesn’t give you the right to be a narrow-minded ass.

Music from Today’s Show:
Our National Anthem – Charles Glenn
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8:37- Fenomenons – Pacific Memories
8:48- Foster the People - Houdini

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