Super Bowl Monday
Posted 2/4/2013 11:01:00 AM


Super Bowl Monday – I hope everyone enjoyed this years Super Bowl weekend! Wings, beer and football… can’t beat it! A congratulations to the Raven’s and fan’s – better luck next year to 9er’s and fan’s.  We touched a bit on the actual game but coming as no surprise to you our main focus was on the ads.  Some were good and some…not so good. CLICK HERE if you haven’t seen the ad with Bar Refaeli.  I didn’t make this my main video because quite frankly it grossed me out.  GoDaddy is known for it’s sudective ads…something that’s always confused me as they are a hosting company for those starting up websites.  In an advertising class I took a few years back we were asked what kind of service GoDaddy provided.  Nearly everyone knew who they were but less than half knew what they actually did.  I guess their tactics are one way to get people talking…

Meanwhile, the ad above for Jeep, though not much of an advertisement, was done really well.  I’ll be the first to admit I really can’t stand Oprah. I can’t speak for the rest of the crew here on that but personally she kind of drives me crazy so the beginning when they slapped Oprah’s name up first (like we weren’t going to know who was narrating) was irritating.  On that positive reflection I thought it was a really nice piece for our troops.  It made me tear up! 

Music from Today’s Show:
Alicia Keys – The Star Spangled Banner
5:22- Foo Fighters – Walk
5:37- No Doubt – Simple Kind of Love
5:48- Modest Mouse – All Nite Diner
6:37- De-Phazz – The Mamba
6:48- War – Why Can’t We Be Friends?
7:37- The Womats – Jump Into The Fog
8:22- Frank Sinatra – Monologue (Live at the Sands – Remix)
8:37- War – Why Can’t We Be Friends?
8:48- Regina Spektor - Fidelity

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