Good "Tithings" We Bring
Posted 2/1/2013 10:17:00 AM

Hallelujah and Happy Friday!  Quick first week of work! If you missed any of the show this week make sure you check out The Week That Was!  Clearly this Hagel deal is turning quite a few heads.  Senator Lindsay Graham and John McCain hammered Chuck Hagel ruthlessly on his position on the surge, crediting the Iranian government and his views on arming Syria. At least the right is getting a chance to ask these questions even if Hagel isn’t answering them.  Speaking of: MO Senator Roy Blunt broke the news of his vote on our show this morning! CLICK HERE to find out if he does or does not support Chuck Hagel’s ticket for Secretary of Defense.

If you caught end if the show today you may have heard the bit about the server at Applebee’s losing her job after she posted a picture of a receipt a customer left on Reddit.  The receipt had a note that read something along the lines of “I only tipped God 10% why would I tip you 18%”.  Funny…  As somebody that waits tables at, yes, an Applebee’s this story made me cringe.  As Joe Hollemann (our Sherpa) pointed out; both parties used poor judgement here. I agree that the server should have probably covered up this women’s name but there’s a sadistic part of me that is happy this woman had to answer for it.  Flip side there will probably be a legal issue with this and the woman a “pastor” will probably win.  Come on society.  If you don’t intend to tip – stay home. And while I’m ranting; if you’re having a terrible day, feeling miserable, kind of want to knock somebody out…please…stay home.  Yay, Friday’s!

Music from Today’s Show:
Anthem – The Fray
5:22- Is There Any Wonder? - Keane
5:37- Run – Vampire Weekend
5:48- A Life Of Illusion – Joe Walsh
6:37- Breakeven – The Script
6:48- Lazy Eye – Silversun Pickups
7:37- Good Life – One Republic
7:48-  Eh Cumpari (The Godfather Part Iii) – Julius La Rosa
8:22- Thank You Girl – John Hiatt
8:37- No Sunlight – Death Cab For Cutie
8:48- Don’t Fence Me In – David Byrne

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