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Posted 1/31/2013 9:44:00 AM

Carl say’s this blog entry cannot be about guns. Bummer.  We had a great show today.  Jamie found a TON of audio for everyone! CLICK HERE for the full compilation.  Let’s keep it short and sweet this morning.  Above is the ad for Taco Bell that was pulled because it was thought, by some, to be “offensive” to vegans.  I didn’t even know you could offend vegans.  Well not vegans in particular but are people really offended about food? Funny they weren’t offended when Kim Finney labeled the right ‘crazy crackers’. Not important right now. Back to Taco Bell.  As you can see in the clip above there is basically nothing about this that is offensive unless you are broccoli. Kind of makes you wonder if anybody was actually offended by this or Taco Bell just wanted the publicity? Either way it made me hungry.

Music from Today’s Show:
Whitney Houston - Anthem
5:22- Awolnation - Sail
5:37- Bruce Springsteen - You’ll Be Coming Down
5:48- K.T. Tunstall -  Suddenly I See
6:37- Dan Black - Symphonies
6:48- The Wombats - Jump Into The Fog
7:37- Blues Traveler - But Anyway
7:48- Yes – Long Distance Runaround
8:22- The Cure - Pictures of You
8:37- N/A
8:48- Dodos - Fools

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