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Posted 1/30/2013 10:56:00 AM

Wednesday.  Kind of makes you want to break out into a Bon Jovi rendition. Today we had Steve Trimboli on from Pit Bull Motors Inc. in Freeport, NY.  This guy did a great job! Jamie found him on LiveLinks earlier this week and knew we needed to have him on.  His cut the BS demeanor and no nonsense – zero drug policy makes this rough around the edges guy truly admirable.  CLICK HERE if you didn’t get a chance to hear his interview this morning. 

Time to talk double standards.  It’s 2013.  Political correctness is not only the social norm, as a conservative it is required unless you want to be ripped apart by the liberal media.  Apparently, the same doesn’t hold true when you are a left leaning individual (liberal may sound too harsh).  Take this lovely woman, Karen Finney, for example.  She just screams class as she labels conservatives as “crackers”.  Yes, crackers.  This is so offensive on so many levels.  The most obvious being the racial slur. Really, this goes without saying, but it is truly amazing that nobody even bats an eyelash when she drops this bomb.  Equally as offensive - the double standards.  As Jamie pointed out, anytime a person claiming to be a conservative says something slightly off color it seems like every person in the entire party is held accountable.  Finney even throws in a comment after the “cracker” bomb about conservatives and their position on rape.  Recall Todd Akin.  After Akin’s comments about “legitimate rape” (taken out of context in my opinion) started a media **** storm, the entire conservative party was forced to publicly voice their opinions, regrets and deepest sympathies.  Double standards people.  UGH.


Music from Today’s Show:
American Heritage Band - Anthem
5:22- Canned Heat – On the Road Again
5:37- The Cure – Strange Attractions
5:48- Matt & Kim – Good Ole Fashion Nightmare
6:37- The Helio Sequence – Hallelujah
6:48- Gomer Pyle Theme
7:37- Hot, Hot, Heat – Middle Of Nowhere
7:48- Pixies – Where Is My Mind
8:22- Muse - Starlight
8:37- Temper Trap – Strange Disposition
8:48- Kiser Chiefs – Good Days, Bad Days

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