Posted 1/29/2013 9:32:00 AM

A good Tuesday morning to all! Today we had a heated show.  Between Toure’s bold account of his first-hand abortion experience; to Senator Menendez dubbing immigration reform the “Civil Rights Issue of Our Time” there was NOT a dull moment.  For comments and concerns on amnesty being granted to illegal immigrants please visit our Facebook page!

So we turn to Toure.  Toure is a host on MSNBC among other things.  As Jamie stated -  up until this point this guy wasn’t all bad.  However, on the anniversary of Roe v Wade Toure told a story. This was a story about being in a relationship with a woman he didn’t love. He shamelessly admits that this woman became pregnant (phrased as if he had nothing to do with it) and decided to have an abortion.  In a confusing proclamation he thanks God for the abortion.  Even if you are not a “pro-lifer” this chilling account is hard to listen to (see video above).  It may be naïve but my question is: why is it that liberals tend to expand government and dip their hands into all pockets and facets of life except this one? Why is it that when it comes to abortion they feel that the only option is pro-choice and constantly emphasis a women’s right to choose? In this case even using God to defend it and refusing to call it murder?  Not to bring a the gun issue up again (I’m sure Obama will do that for us in the next day or two) but how is it that the right to choose abortion is so sacred by the right to bear arms outlined by the Constitution of the United States is up for interpretation?

Music from Today’s Show:
The Mormon Tabernacle Choir
5:22- Danny Freakazoid (remix) - Nexus
5:37- Joe Walsch – Ordinary Average Guy
5:48- Tokyo Police Club – Your English is Good
6:37- Nine Inch Nails – The Hand That Feeds
6:48- Pearl Jam – Wish List
7:37- Canned Heat – On the Road Again
7:48- Kings Of Leon - Notion
8:22- Modest Mouse – Paper Thin Walls
8:37- Passion Pit – Sleepy Head
8:48- David Byne – Don’t Fence Me In

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