Holy, Gun Control?
Posted 1/25/2013 10:38:00 AM


Happy Friday! If you haven’t been forced to sit through the John Kerry business (lucky you) then you may not have gotten to see Rand Paul asking questions that some may consider “tough”.  Like Jamie, the more Rand Paul comes out in the media the more I like this guy.  CLICK HERE to watch the clip on our Facebook page of Rand Paul asking Kerry if he thought sending F-16’s to Egypt was a good idea. Kerry fumbles over his words and Rand Paul makes a few very valid points on foreign policy.  Let us know what you think!

Now let us turn to one Senator Dianne Feinstein from the great state of California. Other than their astronomical tax rates that’s not a knock on California… but this lady kind of is.  Check out the clip above of Feinstein trying to push a piece of anti – gun legislation while surrounded by automatic weapons that she obtained by requesting to break the law.  The real kicker here is the minister she is using as a mouth to push her agenda.  As Jamie so rightly pointed out, imagine for a second a conservative lawmaker using prayer as a basis for a legal case…they’d be torn apart! The country would be in complete uproar! SEPERATION OF CHURCH AND STATE! That’s what we’d hear. Well… yeah. Our forefathers made sure to explicitly outline the importance of the separation of church and state for a reason.  I suppose it’s different when a left-leaning… person… uses a sermon to tug at the heartstrings of America.  I think this clip mostly speaks for itself and what it doesn’t say Jamie made sure to this morning.  So on that confusing and hypocritical bit of recent crazy-politician news I leave you with only…have a good weekend!


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