Eye Rolling Scandal
Posted 1/22/2013 9:07:00 AM

Everyone is so up and arms about Michelle Obama rolling her eyes.  People apparently perceive this to be an eye roll and John Boehner.  I am totally with Jamie in this; I think that’s kind of a far reach.  You may think she’s classless, but we have no idea what was going on in that moment.  I can’t tell you how many times people look at me in a situation and think that my reaction is not appropriate.  I am sitting in church watching a video and apparently not smiling and ohhing and ahhing enough. 

I also love as Jamie pointed out how much she is shoving food in her mouth.  I mean she had a long day and it's refreshing to see her go after that food like a fat kid fresh off the bus from fat camp.  I wonder at what point she realized she hit the bottom of the plate?

Hey friends, it has been great writing a blog for you for this past year.  Next week the blog will be rolling over into the Electric Stove, so you can get Ms. Tricia Siekmann’s opinions on all things common sense.  It’s been a pleasure and I wish you all the best.  So for now, Paige Quadro signing off.


Music from Today’s Show:
Beyonce- The Star Spangled Banner
5:22- John Hiatt- Thank You Girl
5:37- Muse- Starlight
5:48- Band of Horses- The General Specific
6:37- Divinyls- Touch Myself
6:48- Cake- Comfort Eagle
7:37- Coldplay- To Kingdom Come
7:48- Joe Walsh- Life of Illusion
8:22- Robert Cray- I Shiver
8:37- Young the Giant- My Body
8:48- Vampire Weekend- A- Punk

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