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Posted 1/15/2013 9:09:00 AM

So yesterday our fearless leader decided to hold a news conference.  I loathe his news conferences because they NEVER start on time.  They are almost always a half hour later than the time we’re told.  As someone who works in media and has to stick around and make sure they go out live over the air, that’s a half hour of just hanging around.  (On a personal note, I believe that this constant behavior of starting late is a power play, but I digress.)  Yesterday was a special brand on news conference; I mean could this thing have been any longer?  Jamie was so right with his analysis today, this thing went on forever.  It’s like all of the people there had nothing better to do.   Then, if you like me, don’t want to watch the whole conference you can head 45 minutes in and find the gem Jamie picked up.  It’s a woman asking the President whether he socializes enough and whether or not his cabinet has enough diversity.  Maybe she was dehydrated or food deprived from the length of the conference, I don’t know, but honestly.  That is the best question she can come up with?  Are you socializing enough?  I mean isn’t he supposed to be running the country?  If she is that concerned perhaps she should just check out the local country club and see if he’s hit the fairway lately.  Is this really the best that our journalists can do?  Kind of scary.


Music from Today’s Show:
Charles Glenn- The Star Spangled Banner
5:22- The Strokes- Between Love & Hate
5:37- Passion Pit- Dreams
5:48- Robert Palmer- Why Get Up?
6:37- John Frusciante- Murderers
6:48- Rob Zombie- Dragula
7:37- Dodos- Fools
7:48- Modest Mouse- All Night Diner
8:22- Okkervil River- Unless It’s Kicks
8:37- Crystal Castles feat. Robert Smith- Not In Love
8:48- Bruce Springsteen- Better  Days


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